How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt – 10 Simple Ways to Do It Quickly!

When I write this essay, I do it from a painful experience because, in the past, I had to struggle to pay off credit card debt. I want to be clear that there is a route out of severe and out-of-control debt, regardless of how much you have to repay. I’ll walk you through a simple step-by-step method to help you negotiate credit card debt and combine charge card obligations so you can make evident progress. I did it this way, and if it worked for me, it would probably work for you too! For ease of use, I’ve divided it up into steps.

Pay Off Debt: The Present Situation

Understanding how it all came about will help you avoid getting sucked back into debt once you start getting out of it and trying to settle credit card debts. Most of us began utilizing debt to buy things at low credit card and loan interest rates because it was convenient and affordable. Many of us even made assets that we believed would increase in value, contributing to our debt. We are stranded and need to pay off our credit card debt to escape our current situation.

How to SUPERCHARGE your debt repayments and how to escape debt slavery!

Step 1

To escape credit card debt, a mindset shift is required.

The first thing you need to do is alter your perspective. You must change your behavior since there is no purpose in getting out of debt to fall back into it.

The Golden Principles for Paying Down Credit Card Debt

1) Avoid financing your consumption with loans.
2) Only invest with debt in assets that generate income.

I’ll repeat it: Don’t finance your consumption with debt. Only invest with debt in assets that generate income.

You must stop relying on debt payments and begin living off revenue if you don’t want to fall back into debt. Yet, as you noted, you are deeply in debt, your salary is insufficient to cover your monthly obligations, and you are frantically attempting to pay your credit card debts but are failing. Continue reading to find out how.

It would be best if you made a change by either earning more, spending less or doing both because that is how you got into debt. To help you pay off your debt faster, I’ve included a unique section on how to SUPERCHARGE your payback. See “Supercharge your debt busting” for further information.

Step 2

When you phone the companies, you will need the information from your cards, so cut them through but don’t shred them.

Step 3

Open a spreadsheet and list all your debts, along with the card’s name and the bank it is with. List the interest rate and your monthly payment amount next to it.

Call the bank to find out the interest rate if you are unsure. List your credit limit and the outstanding sum, then arrange them from most significant to lowest in terms of repayment priority. Include your monthly expenses for rent, food, utilities, etc. To budget, you must be aware of this. You’re taking this action in order to get control over your specific position. This is a terrific position if you’ve done it and your budget demonstrates that your cash flow is positive each month.

If your budget indicates that you fall short each month, you should try to lower your expenses or boost your revenue. However, that will be covered in a different article.

Step 4

Add up your monthly credit card, loan payments, and budget. Add all your earnings and subtract that amount. If you are left with nothing after this, you must take two actions, or the number is negative. You need to increase your income and decrease your spending without sacrificing your standard of living. Indeed, this is feasible. Here, I’ll show you how to cut costs without sacrificing quality. See IMPROVE the speed at which you pay off debt.

Step 5

Don’t use toll-free lines for your credit card providers when you call them all! Look at saynoto0870 for landline numbers if you’re in the UK. Contact your credit card issuers and politely ask them, “how much of a debt reduction you can offer me,” noting that you have been a consistent customer for years.

Utilize those phrases instead of “can you,” don’t give them a chance to refuse, and make it easy for them to respond “yes”! Here is how debt settlement for credit cards works: you ask whether they can offer you a lower interest rate on your current debt. If they inquire about your financial situation, they respond that you are simply streamlining and organizing your finances.

Step 6

Run a credit report check on you. This is an essential step to pay off credit card debt because it allows you to determine your current financial situation and what information is being held. Take advantage of the free credit reports or credit checks available. Just remember to set up an email reminder to yourself from your Gmail or Hotmail calendar to remind you to cancel it before the trial expires. If you want an update, you may always try this again in three months with a different company. Check the fine print! Checkmyfile is excellent if you live in the UK.

Set the direct debit payments to the minimum if you’re skipping payments and are genuinely falling short of what you require for your monthly cash flow. You’re already better positioned to get out of debt if you have money left over each month.

Step 7

Look for 0% interest credit cards enabling balance transfers if you want to consolidate your debt. Find out which ones have the lowest balance transfer fees and the most extended term. For additional details on this procedure, see my post on magic tricks using credit cards.

To consolidate credit card debt, move as much as possible to the credit card with the lowest interest rate or obtain a personal loan from a bank with a reduced interest rate. Calculate the repayment amount and carefully account for it in your budget. Plan out the amount you can comfortably pay back. Set each credit card payment to the bare minimum. Start paying off your credit cards in excess if you have extra monthly money due to the lower interest rate.

There are now two ways to accomplish this. You can focus on the card with the highest rate or the lowest balance owed first. It all comes down to which approach will make you feel the most in control once you’ve paid it off. Fortunately, the smaller ones had the highest rates, so I immediately started paying more than I should have. Set up a separate automatic payment from your bank account to simplify this overpayment. Even if it’s just £1 more every month, it will still go a long way toward assisting you in paying off your credit card debt.

Step 8

Use your excess cash flow after paying off a credit card to pay off the remaining debt faster. You can see that you are making progress and that your repayment plan is starting to work more effectively to help you pay off your credit card debt. To expedite the process of paying off credit card debt, add the monthly cash flow that you used to repay the first card to the balance of the following card.

Step 9

After paying off the following credit card, combine payment amounts once again and carry on. Continue until you have paid off your credit card and other bills. Every month, review your credit report. If it improves, you can consolidate again and borrow more money at 0% or lower rates, giving you access to even more cash flow. You can see changes from month to month thanks to Checkmyfile updates, which are made on the third of every month.

How to Accelerate Your Debt Relief Plan

You must now accept reality. You must make a few changes to achieve financial freedom. You are powerless. Imagine what it will be like to be debt-free and to be able to keep your monthly paycheck.

Step 10

Supercharge your debt to eliminate it quickly.

You must also earn more if you are sincere about paying off your credit card debts rapidly and getting out of debt as soon as possible. You can establish various online revenue streams to generate additional cash if you already have a job. It’s simpler than you would imagine! This will enable you to stop relying on bad debt and start living off of the money you have. You can prevent going back into debt by working more hours to acquire the money you can utilize to support yourself. Better still, increase your payments to pay off your credit card obligations more quickly with the available cash.

Whenever you desire a luxury you cannot afford. Don’t get into debt; start a business and use the proceeds to purchase the required things.

Do you want to earn money while watching TV?

There are various methods to get extra money, but I have discovered that answering quick consumer surveys and polls while watching TV, Movies, or talking on the phone with friends gives me a pretty steady income. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for the time I had already spent doing something!

I was able to use the money to pay off portions of my debt and gradually work my way out of debt because the cash from paid market research is a steady stream that is reliable and regular. I utilized the vouchers I received to replace my typical food spending and kept the extra money. I’ve discovered that by doing this, I consistently make money each month and that my time is used very effectively.


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