How to Build Your Personal and Business Brands

Google underwent significant changes that began in July or August of 2009. People who used replicated platforms or affiliate marketing systems were shut down or penalized by Google. Google started making it difficult for home-based business owners or affiliate marketers to use their platform.

Since then, a few individuals have found success in affiliate marketing because they can no longer utilize the same platform. It’s not because affiliate marketing is a problem for Google. They profit significantly from PPC-using affiliates. It is a result of FFA involvement. Individuals wishing to start a home business were losing faith in all the flashy websites that appeared fraudulent or made outlandish claims. So they decided to take action by putting an end to anyone who made promises or claims that seemed too good to be true.

What, then, can you do?

Building a personal brand within Google is the only way to succeed. The key to success is not adhering to a top-secret marketing strategy. There isn’t a trick to marketing, in actuality. Positioning oneself is essential. Look at the highest-paid individuals in your sector whenever you visit their website. What makes their offerings appealing to you? It isn’t the item they are hawking. If the product were truly fantastic, everyone would sell it to others and make a fortune. Their narrative was what persuaded you to buy. They explained their background, what they were doing before entering this field, and what transpired once they decided to change careers and become internet marketers. When you read their story, you can envision yourself in the same spot they used to be. When you were there with them, you could see the suffering they were experiencing. Then they promised to mentor you if you joined their program so you could lead the same lifestyle they did. After reading their story, you were undoubtedly immediately sold on them and what they had to offer. So you weren’t persuaded by what they had to give. You believed their story because they told it.


What gets you the outcomes you want is how you compose your tale. You must have a structured website because you can no longer use a duplicate website for advertising on Google. Telling YOUR story. Without all the hype, originality is what Google is seeking. They are seeking advertising material that emphasizes value and education. Not make money. People need to view you as an authority figure in your industry for them to want to collaborate with you. The result is that you lose a lot of future revenue.

Consider why you want to become a marketer before telling your tale. You overheard someone complain about never having enough time for family time. They didn’t make enough money. They didn’t enjoy their job or supervisor. Because they were depicting YOUR life, the author immediately piqued your interest. Compared to someone saying, “Hey, follow me, and you can make heaps of money,” people tend to relate to pain more quickly. You put yourself in their shoes when you share your struggles with others.


That’s correct. Remember that your tale will be different from someone else’s. But it’s alright. There are lots of people that are going to relate to your narrative, while there are some that won’t.

Now here is the best guideline I can give you.

1. Make a page with at least ten images of you having fun on it. Others are enticed to seek what you have when they see you leading a joyful lifestyle. They view you as someone who has succeeded in this field, even if you are still employed full-time and only conduct marketing on the side.

2. Create a compelling headline that introduces you to the reader. Who you are and your origins. My heading would appear like this: “Learn how Jeff Lackey, a former truck driver, transformed from being away from home all week to marketing master. Providing guidance and instruction to others on how to live the lifestyle of their dreams.”

3. Describe your challenges before starting your home company or marketing. Keep in mind that the past tense is appropriate here. Also, you want to use emotion for marketing your content. Your goal here is to put your past in the place they are at. Don’t lie or overstate, though. Be truthful.

4. Describe to them how everything changed for you. Step 3 involved telling them the issue. You will now provide them with the answer. Just writing “All of that changed when:” is a fantastic approach to begin this section. Then tell your story. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you shouldn’t make it challenging if you don’t want to scare people away by making it seem too difficult for them to do what you want. You want them to have a WOW mentality! I can do it, too, if he or she can.

5. Call them to action. People are designed to follow instructions. They may have been persuaded that they can accomplish the same thing if you have created a thoughtful story about yourself. They must now understand how to participate if you want to collaborate with them. Hence, this is where you instruct them to type their name and email address in the box. Alternatively, please direct them to the relevant link.

6. Establish your leadership role! This is a vital stage that many individuals fail at. The potential client has been made to think that you are essential to their success. Thus must make the person believe that you are valuable. You can only work with so many people weekly; your time is valuable. You need to convince that person that the entire world, or at least the US, is trying to get your attention. The last thing you want to do is wait by your phone for his call or implore him to join your business. Consider how you would react if someone you believed to be an authority in the industry you considered entering begged you for money. Send them a message like this “Every week, I only work with a specific number of people. Please call or email my office to see if we are a good fit. We can then discuss if I can work with you or not.” You may even direct them back to your website so they can read it all before deciding to invest further. Inform them that because you value their time, it might be 48 to 72 hours before you can call them back.

You are positioning yourself or BRANDING if you present yourself as an authority figure in your industry. You’ll develop into a person that everyone enjoys working with. I hope my advice has been helpful to you. Please write me if you have any questions regarding how to market yourself, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I spend a lot of time in my business coaching people because I believe my time is precious.

Jeff Lackey is my name. Freelance marketing mentor, success coach, and consultant. Giving them the best materials at their disposal to help them become successful entrepreneurs while teaching them how to overcome the challenges they experience daily. To discover more about how to grow your own business more successful. Go to my website, whether the company is physical or home-based, and uses internet marketing.

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