How Plagiarized content affect SERP?

In the past few years, content has become the backbone of the digital business. The success or failure of any online business is directly affected by the content posted on it.

There are over two billion websites available on search engines today. This huge number of web pages has made it very difficult to avoid duplication in the content.

Thousands of websites are in the same niches so a writer, intentionally or unintentionally, faces plagiarism issues whenever he went to publish something.

In this article, we are going to wrap up what is plagiarism, how to check it, and how duplicate content affects SERP.

What is plagiarism?

Being a writer, you listen to this terminology many times daily. Plagiarism means to copy or steal someone other’s writing and publish it by claiming it as yours.

There are different types of plagiarism a writer can face. It can be word-to-word, sentence-wise, or sometimes a portion of the sentence.

Sometimes a writer duplicates others’ content intentionally to save some time. If someone is addicted to this, it would be impossible for him to avoid plagiarism in the future.

But most often, a writer does not know that his content matches with someone else writings. It is just due to the excessive content available on every topic on search engines.

It does not matter whether you are getting plagiarism due to intentions by the writers or unintentionally, you have to remove it at any cost. The reason is Google hates plagiarism and won’t promote any website to rank in the higher positions.

But the question may arise that how can you check whether your content is unique or plagiarized? Do not worry at all as we have a simple solution for you to accomplish this task.

How to check plagiarism?

How Plagiarized content affect SERP? 1

It is impossible for you to check billions of pages to check your content’s uniqueness. Manually it is not possible and this may look tricky for you. But when a tool can do this task for you in minutes, why do you worry about it?

There are thousands of tools available online that can help you to check whether your content is unique or not. All you need is just select the best plagiarism checker tool to accomplish this task.

These tools will check your content and then compare it with all the published web pages, articles, blogs, and journals deeply. The result will be shown on your computer screen in a few minutes.

If your content is found plagiarized, those parts will be highlighted. You just need to replace the words with synonyms or phrases with related phrases to get unique content.

This is all you need to do to get an idea about the uniqueness of your content. In this way, it will be pretty simple for you to get rid of this problem.

Plagiarism also affects your website’s ranking badly. It won’t let you stand higher in the SERP results of any search engine. Here is a detailed discussion about the impact of plagiarism to let you understand it properly.

How can plagiarized content affect SERP?

How Plagiarized content affect SERP? 2

Whenever you type a query in the search bar, you will get thousands of web pages that are called Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Every webmaster wants to rank his web page in the higher results to get more visitors to generate the handsome revenue from his business.

But if you may publish plagiarized content, no matter intentionally or unintentionally, it will affect your website’s performance a lot.

Google analyzes more than 200 factors before ranking a website. Among these factors, content is one of the major factors that the algorithm of search engines critically analyzes.

It can’t be possible that your website will rank if you have used plagiarized content. There are some other threatening problems that you have to face in this regard.

Google Penalties

A person can’t catch plagiarism but Google can do it in seconds. Whenever Google finds you stealing someone’s writings, it will label you with a specific tag.

Google never asks you to pay a particular fine as a penalty. It starts penalizing your website in different ways. As a result, your website starts de-ranking from its position and you will find a change in its position drastically.

Keep in mind that when a website gets a penalty from a search engine, it will never ever rank at the same potion in the future.

So, avoid plagiarism and always post unique content on your website. In this way, you do not have to face penalties from Google.

Copyright strike

When a webmaster finds his content published on any other web page, he will surely take action against you. A web owner will send you a notice according to DMCA law.

This is the most threatening thing for your website’s progress at that time as well as in the future. If it happens, a search engine has the authority to delete your website or the webpage from its database.

In this way, your website will be invisible to your visitors and all of your investment will go in vain.

So, you always pay attention while publishing the content and keep a check that your content must be unique. Otherwise, you will have to pay a big price.

Website Reputation

No matter you have a blogging website or a brand to sell online, all you need is unique and plagiarism-free content.

Some writers do this unethical act deliberately. They go to top-ranked websites and start copying content from them.

When a visitor from that platform comes to you, he will definitely find out that you are copying others. In this way, a visitor gets bored by reading the same content and always tries to never come again to your website.

Secondly, the users will prefer that website from where have you copied the ideas and content. In turn, you will not only affect your website’s ranking by plagiarizing the content but also harm your brand’s reputation negatively.

Never ranked duplicate websites

All the search engines follow a strict policy against duplicated content. When their crawlers see plagiarized content on two websites, they get confused about which one is original and which one is copied.

In the end, it will de-rank both websites. Even if you have not copied the content, you have to pay a price. To avoid this issue, you should have to keep a check on your website and its content.

There are many tools available online that will be helpful to keep a check on your content and notify you whenever someone steals it.

You should buy any of these tools so you will never face any problem with your website’s progress.

If you will come to know that your content is being stolen, go for DMCA notice against the thief. In this way, you can save your website and keep growing properly in the right direction for better outcomes in the end.


In the above article, we tried our best to tell you what is plagiarism and why you need to avoid it for a better rank in SERPs.

You should deeply check your content before publishing it on your website. If you have posted plagiarized content, the results will not be good.

You can face a decline in the ranking of your website. To keep yourself away from such issues, you should use a reliable plagiarism checker. By doing this, you will be able to save your website from any kind of problem in its position or progress.