How Holly Bradshaw Earns $2K/Month Blogging with a Full-Time Job | Blogging on the Side to Earn $$

How many of you would like to be blogging on the side of your job, a family, and a regular life?

And how many would like to be earning $2,000/month with your blog?

And not writing in any super-optimized niches or anything like that, but literally by blogging about your life stories?

Holly Bradshaw has done exactly that by blogging on the side on Medium. She grew from $300/month to $900/month, all the way to actually earning over $2,000 per month by blogging on the side. She blogs about sex, health, relationships, feminism, mental health, and just about anything else under the sun including her bunnies.

This interview is jam-packed with her tips and advice on how to blog on the side while living a real and very busy life! Hope you all enjoy.

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