How Do You Come Up With Ideas for Blog Posts?

Do you discover that on some days, when you look at your list of weekly tasks, “Write Blog Post” appears at the top? I do make the time to create a blog post at least once a week, but what do you write about? Do you ever get the BLOCK when you spend an hour gazing at your word document, waiting for the title or idea to come into your head? Alternatively, you can have a topic in mind and start writing immediately, only to discover that you have 200 words left to say! Well, we have all experienced it, and what do you think most guys do when they reach this impasse? Hit save and turn it off after giving up!

What Can We Do to Stop The Switch From Turning Off?

There are several things we can take to stop ourselves from simply clicking “X” and promising to complete the task tomorrow. Here are a few instances of what I now have in mind when I publish.

1. Turn your gaze away and act now! I mean to reflect on your week and recollect what you have done to assist you in being creative. Have you developed a novel product? What did you do if so? What was your method? Who or what inspired you? Write an article on a specific step in the creation of your product.

2. Have you read anything intriguing that you can discuss? This can be expanded upon, and discussion can be had about it.

3. Did you engage in any online activity that inspired you? Have you recently read a blog post you can link to and discuss? Perhaps include more details or express your enjoyment.

4. Did you take part in a product launch or promotion? You can discuss and write about your involvement or marketing techniques used to get sales or not. What would you do better? What would you repeat that worked well for you during the launch?

5. Are you enrolled in a coaching program or boot camp? What have you discovered this week? How did you act? What did you achieve? How did you accomplish that? Does what you found or put into practice help your firm grow?

6. Did you make a change to your business model? If so, what did you do and how? Why? Did it work?

All of these options are good tools for generating blog content. If you base your posts on these things when you have no idea what to write about them you will discover the content will flow and flow nicely.

What can we do to expand upon and enhance the post’s content?

Imagine the case – you have written 200 words and run out of content! What caused this to happen, and where do you go from here?

1. Lack of strategy in your content can make this happen. Consider your post first and decide on its flow and structure. Consider the number of subheadings you can use and how much extra content you can include on the topic at hand.

2. Create a mental map to generate ideas for a better strategy to attack your selected topic. Spray diagrams, mind maps, and brainstorming, in my experience, are all practical. Each of these methods can generate concepts for your upcoming post’s content. To locate some good content ideas, a simple spray diagram is a beautiful alternative to think about. Write your content title in the center of the paper, then draw words related to your topic.

3. Study your current post title and content on the internet. Utilize Wikipedia, Blogs, eBooks, and Past postings from other marketers. Do not directly copy ideas by copying and pasting; remember, this is your content, and you must put your spin on your post. Research and reading are excellent ways to learn because your path will likely involve a learning curve. You continuously learn new things by reading blogs, eBooks, and reports from others; by writing about your experiences, you know even more because you are explaining to others how to achieve something. Try implementing what you have learned to create a better post with evidence.

Take a proactive stance while approaching your upcoming blog post.

Regardless of your posting frequency, we all know that we must write a blog article at some time during our working day or week. Thus to fight this, we can take a proactive approach to your topic by just noting what would make an excellent post.

You may have an idea for a post at any time, so be prepared to write it down. Now I’m not saying to always carry a notepad and pen around with you or etch your ideas on a wall with a stone or sharp object! We don’t live in the dark ages anymore; simply making a mental note or sending yourself an email or message using your smartphone, iPad, laptop, or PDA, anything will do. As I’ve indicated, my iPhone Notepad app is my favorite. I note my thoughts when I’m on the move as mental notes don’t keep with me. I need to jot things down and come back to them afterward. Your content ideas will be considerably improved whichever method you use to make a note because all of your best ideas will be saved and not lost.

Whichever way you create your blog posts and generate ideas, don’t give up. Hit save and switch off! Try some tips I use to write posts and add extra information via research. I plan to lengthen my writing by another 500 words, at least in the future, to provide some value.

How do you generate your ideas? Please tell me!

Thank you,

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