Holistic Treatment for Cancer

Many alternative cancer treatments claim to be effective, but their track records vary widely. Some of them claim to be more than 90% effective. I have spent years gathering the most reliable data possible about cancer and have created a list of the most crucial factors to think about. Here, I condense these considerations and offer a cursory examination of several strategies that are more likely to fail so that they can be avoided.

In this piece, we’ll go through four fundamentals:

o Why and How the FDA Let Us Down.
o Failing Holistic Solutions.
All-Inclusive Holistic Care.
o A Remark on Conventional Cancer Medicine.

Why and How the FDA Let Us Down

Why isn’t the conventional medical establishment adopting holistic approaches and more successful in treating cancer if they are so effective?

When it comes to cancer, the EPA and the FDA have let us down, as many of us know all too well. Unsurprisingly, over 30% of the population will develop cancer in their lifetime. Corruption at such a high level is the only explanation for the incredible number.

Executives from the pharmaceutical business routinely rise to the highest positions in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where they can influence policy decisions. Then, after serving their time at the FDA, they are offered lucrative careers in the same business they aided. It’s not hard to see what this evident conflict of interest means. Michael Taylor, who used to be an attorney for Monsanto but now works for the FDA, is only one such person. While working for the FDA, he helped develop a new guideline to classify GMOs as “generally regarded as safe,” or GRAS. He is also responsible for the regulation that prevents the labeling of GMO foods. After leaving the FDA, he resumed his previous post at Monsanto, which was likely highly lucrative. There are 28,900 results when you search Google for “FDA revolving door” without quotations.

Think about it: we all know that power corrupts and money can make individuals do crazy things. These items are axiomatic. With all their studies and experiments:

Cancer thrives in acidic environments but dies in alkaline ones; why aren’t doctors telling their patients this? Why don’t medical professionals recommend a diet low in acid-forming foods and high in alkaline foods? Instead of notifying people, why not provide them with lists of these items?

Given all the evidence, why don’t we hear more about how cancer feeds on sugar?

Why don’t people know that cancer cells need oxygen to grow? Why don’t their treatments increase cellular and blood oxygenation?

Why don’t they inform you what nutrients help prevent cancer?
Let’s pretend for a second that a cure has been identified. Consider the likelihood that highly effective holistic remedies already exist. Imagine if they were widely adopted:

o The complete loss of funding for scientific investigation.

Think of all the costly diagnostic and treatment tools that would be rendered worthless in clinics and hospitals if this happened.

o The financial impact on hospitals, research institutions, and the companies that make and sell medical and scientific instruments.

Numerous unnecessary and pricey operations could be avoided.

Many pharmaceuticals intended for the rest of one’s life would go off the market.
How much cash is there to be had here? The average cost of treatment for a single patient is between $80,000 and $160,000. Revenues related to cancer approach $400 billion annually, making the medical industry responsible for one-seventh of the total United States Gross National Product at one trillion dollars annually. It’s no surprise that holistic solutions are out of the question. The cancer industry loses money on healthy people who eat their vegetables and take their vitamins. A healthy individual is a financial loss.

No one can claim ignorance about cancer and its causes in the modern era. But today, ignorance is no longer an excuse for not doing more about prevention because the primary cause of this disease is better understood than any other.

Meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 30, 1966; Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Failed Attempts at a Holistic Solution

Several books have proposed that certain nutritional supplements or herbal cures for cancer are crucial to solving the cancer epidemic. For the same reason that I wouldn’t restrict my therapy to just one homeopathic alternative, relying solely on herbs to cure cancer may not be the best strategy. The reasoning is straightforward. Most cancer alternative treatments are incomplete and don’t go to the root of the disease.

Herbal remedies and homeopathic cures for cancer may not be able to significantly alter the pH (i.e., the alkalinity) of the body and may not be able to eliminate the accumulated toxins that gave rise to cancer in the first place, regardless of whether one is talking about stage three breast cancer, stage three lung cancer, or stage three prostate cancer. Furthermore, if you destroy the cancer cells but continue consuming a diet high in acid-producing foods and don’t get rid of the toxins in your body, the cancer will likely return.

All-Inclusive Holistic Care

To be effective, cancer treatment must go to the root of the disease. Highly effective holistic cancer treatments are possible if patients adhere to a tried-and-true methodology.

Many different things can help or even cause cancer and should be avoided. Nothing here can be disregarded. Some are readily apparent, but others are typically overlooked. Knowledge is indeed power. Prepare to recover your health by reading this with an open mind.

The most effective holistic cancer treatments should prioritize the following three factors:

1) Cancer grows and spreads in an acidic body and dies off in an alkaline one. So, suppose you want to move your body’s pH away from acid and toward a healthy alkaline condition. In that case, alternative cancer treatment should educate you thoroughly about acid-producing diets and alkaline-producing foods. This is simply because of the abundance of online resources that compile lists of acid- and alkaline-forming foods.

However, that is merely scratching the surface. It may not be feasible to alkalize the body sufficiently if it is stuffed with toxins, many of which are acid-based, therefore keep the following two procedures in mind:

2) If you’re looking for holistic cancer treatment, you should know that there are numerous toxins in our food and water. Now we’ve reached the third step on your road to cancer recovery.

Thirdly, getting rid of built-up poisons in the body is integral to any cancer treatment plan.

So, once again, these three components are necessary but insufficient for natural cancer therapies. However, the holistic approach to cancer treatment becomes a realistic possibility when combined. This may include even terminal malignancies, depending on the extent of organ damage and the patient’s age.

I have a document available on my website that goes into depth on the topics above and, more specifically:

· A connection to the most effective cancer diet will cover topics like which cooking oils are safest, which foods to avoid, and which ones have been genetically modified.

Cancer-fighting dietary supplements: a list.

• A connection to the top website for alternative cancer treatment, where you may read up on more than 200 different alternative cancer regimens that are effective against various cancer types. Contraindications, other important safety information, and much more are all available on this site.

· Information on around twenty of the most widespread societal poisons, including details on each and studies and links to assist you in understanding why you should avoid them. Unexpected places and things might be a source of toxins. The use of Teflon and other similar non-stick cookware, plastics in contact with food and drink, microwave ovens, which alter food in harmful ways, municipal water, which often contains chlorine and fluorosilicic acid – a highly toxic industrial waste product passed off as fluoride to help children’s teeth, genetically modified foods, common artificial sweeteners that turn into formaldehyde in the body, and monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is now abundant in fast food

o Advice on protecting yourself from these threats, including details on the most effective tools and strategies I’ve discovered over the years.

An Observation on Conventional Cancer Care

Remember what “terminal” means in the context of the cancer establishment. It usually signifies that they can’t provide satisfactory solutions to your questions within the framework of their paradigm. This article and its references offer solutions that won’t break the money.

The use of the words “cure” and “heal” are closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration. Now, if the cancers are disappearing and the patients are getting healthy and energetic again, maybe calling it anything other than healing would be misleading. Holistic treatments are helping cancer sufferers recover health. This is a fact of life. The document may be downloaded from my website, and the references speak for themselves.

I address you in the spirit of a friend. You should weigh the information provided here, on my website, and by your doctor before making any decisions. Now is the time to start taking care of yourself medically.

The conventional allopathic medical establishment encourages toxins like chemotherapy, radiation, medications, and a toxic, acidic diet, but I am sure the holistic approach is far more beneficial. When combined with specific procedures, I believe the holistic approach can lead to healing rates of over 90%, while the allopathic world is only aware of speeds of around 30%. To put it simply, that’s a guess. So if you want to become bankrupt and sicker every month while having only a one-third chance of recovery, allopathy is the way to go. This document will give you three times the usual odds and set you on a course that will fortify you at every turn. In addition, the allopathic approach does nothing to deal with the underlying causes of cancer. Therefore, if you keep eating the same foods and being exposed to the same pollutants, your cancer will likely return in a few years.

This article’s contents are offered solely for research and reference purposes. The FDA has not confirmed the accuracy of these claims. None of the material presented here is meant to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional; the author is not a doctor and is not trying to recommend, prescribe, treat, cure, alleviate, or prevent any disease. The author has done extensive research to compile this material. It is recommended that the reader study and work with their healthcare expert when making decisions about their health. Please see a doctor or other medical professional if you feel unwell.

I wish you the best as you begin to feel better,
Simonson, Cole

Cole Simonson runs the website [], which features only the highest quality organic and fairly traded health and wellness items. Cole has also collated a wealth of information for cancer patients in a book called Better Cancer Answers.

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