Hikvision Access Control

Professional access controllers integrate seamlessly with software and can connect directly to cameras and fire alarm systems, offering offline operation support with tamperproof switches for added protection. What do you consider about هایک ویژن.

These devices provide basic entry method functionality but require additional reader add-ons for other vital functions like remote unlock. Furthermore, Watchfull_IP has identified multiple vulnerabilities associated with them.

Video Verification

Hikvision access control products provide all these features and more! When installing access control at either commercial or residential properties, only top-of-the-line systems, expert installation, and stellar customer service should be used.

Video verification systems offer a fast, efficient solution to verify identity and prevent fraud in any building or office environment. They also ensure compliance with regulations – which is significant for businesses tasked with verifying potential customer identities. Compared with traditional KYC procedures that often involve taking pictures of documents or selfies, video identification offers more secure and user-friendly methods of verifying the identities of newcomers.

Hikvision access control intercoms are easy to set up and come equipped with high-resolution cameras that offer crisp images. Available in both single-door and multi-door models, these intercoms also feature features such as face recognition, anti-passback authentications, and combined authentications – they even come equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker so you can monitor for intruders through a built-in mic and speaker!

Hikvision produces access control panels and controllers designed to work seamlessly with its video surveillance systems, such as its iVMS-4200 software. It includes several features, such as an easy configuration wizard for newbie installers to set up basic techniques in minutes – though, unfortunately, it does not provide all terminals necessary to connect readers or other devices.

Video KYC (Know Your Customer) is an efficient form of identity verification that ensures compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and other regulations while shortening onboarding times, saving costs, and providing customers with a better customer experience. Compared with traditional forms, which involved taking pictures of documents or selfies for ID verification, this form only needs one interaction with an agent – making it much faster than previous methods.

Though video verification provides many benefits, it may still fail to identify fake or compromised documents like photos taken years ago of individuals who appear different now. Therefore, professional KYC services with global databases that can detect this kind of fraud must also be used.


Intercoms allow residents to communicate with visitors using video cameras or two-way audio and control access to a home, apartment, or condo. They can be integrated into home automation systems for added protection. Hikivision intercom systems offer reliable solutions with user-friendly designs that provide all of the features that a user might require.

Many of the best Hikvision intercom systems feature remote unlocking capabilities, so residents can use mobile phones to check on the status of the front door and open it if needed. Many also come equipped with built-in video surveillance and doorbell features so residents can check up on any guests before opening them or answering calls. Some even feature smart integration to allow residents to integrate it seamlessly with existing Hikvision video security systems worldwide and monitor visitors from wherever they may be located.

Modern intercoms are typically easy to set up, requiring only power and an outdoor/indoor station connection wire for most installations. Most installers can have basic systems running within 10 minutes – and these systems can quickly expand to include additional indoor stations or doors as needed.

Networked Hikvision intercoms have become increasingly popular over time due to their convenience, using an IP network to communicate between an indoor and outdoor station. Such systems can easily be installed into new construction as well as retrofitted into older buildings without losing functionality or creating interference with signal reception.

Finally, the top Hikvision intercom systems come equipped with comprehensive management software that makes it simple to oversee all aspects of their security system. Professional management platforms allow users to configure controllers, add and remove users, create access schedules, and set access controls quickly using wizards – especially helpful for inexperienced installers.

Card Readers

Card readers are an indispensable element of security system design, helping users gain entry to sensitive areas by gathering user IDs and permissions for access. Hikvision provides various verification options, including MIFARE card readers, contactless card readers, and wired and wireless systems with different communication interfaces for easy use.

No matter if used as an intercom module or standalone access terminal, these units provide users with a fast and accurate means of identifying themselves quickly and accurately. From fingerprint recognition to PIN code usage to facial recognition and beyond, these units collect various forms of identity before sending these data off for approval from appropriate controllers – providing secure entrance while still permitting fast passage through doors by those authorized.

Hikvision’s access control hardware is designed for use across a range of environments, from residential to commercial properties. Their systems can be combined with various ancillary items like intercoms, IP cameras, and more to provide comprehensive security solutions for customers. Plus, Hikvision boasts one of the world’s largest R&D teams to make sure these solutions can adapt quickly as new requirements emerge.

The hikvision access control features we tested include a configuration wizard that significantly speeds and simplifies system setup for inexperienced installers, making it possible to get small but fully functional access systems up and running in minutes. Furthermore, Hikvision pricing is more competitive compared to Western brands; for instance, a two-door controller from Dahua costs around $600, while Hikvision’s comparable model costs less than half.

Even so, recent cybersecurity concerns have raised doubts about the integrity of Hikvision products. Due to its close links with China’s Communist Party (CCP), its existence and effects have come under close examination by both domestic and foreign media. Furthermore, the US Department of Commerce recently included Hikvision on their Entity List, which restricts export capabilities with an extensive licensing process required.


Hikvision knows the value of providing outstanding products, professional installation services, and top-tier customer support to make sure its security solutions work perfectly as planned – this is standard when working with us!

No matter what security solution you require – from card readers and card access control solutions to facial recognition technology and video verification – we have what you need – plus, our system configuration tools help create tailored solutions to fit both your facility and budget.

Hikvision access control systems offer multiple identification authentication methods, such as ID cards, facial images, PIN codes, and fingerprint terminals, for quick and secure entry. Together with turnstiles and door locks, these Hikvision systems offer advanced features like anti-passback verifications as well as multi-input assurances.

Hikvision provides comprehensive security solutions that combine an access controller, card reader, exit button, and lock. An access controller downloads information from software to verify an individual’s identity before permitting or denying them entry at designated times. A card reader sends this identifying data back to the controller while an exit button or fingerprint scanner retrieves user data directly when pressed.

The DS-K2600 Series Professional Access Controller provides an end-to-end network solution for small to large-scale applications, including office buildings and government projects. Supporting TCP/IP and RS-485 communication interfaces and featuring tamperproof switches for added protection, encryption data increases system security as it enables offline operation as well as linkages with network cameras and fire alarm systems.

An issue in one component of this product could allow an attacker to forge session IDs and alter device network configuration, potentially giving them device operation permissions and bypassing access control restrictions. It has been assigned CVE number 2023-28809 – for more information regarding how you can patch this vulnerability, please visit the Hikvision Security Advisories page.

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