Free Math Games

Math games do review and practice engaging, keeping students actively learning. In addition, this site organizes competitions by grade and subject matter to make finding games explicitly tailored to any skill easy. Typically the Interesting Info about LOLBeans.

Students respond to multiple-choice questions against “wizards” to develop processing speed and accuracy. The first student to finish filling an entire grid wins!


Addition is an essential skill that helps children build their number sense and foundational math skills. These entertaining addition games start by practicing adding one-digit numbers before expanding onto more challenging math tasks, including vocabulary such as more than, less than, and count on.

Metamorphosis offers kids fun addition games that reinforce basic adding and subtraction up to or from 10. Additionally, Rocket Math was specially created to develop accuracy, speed, and fact fluency on single-digit addition facts.

Fun Brain is a free website offering games organized by topic and grade level for children to play online, including strategy games, logic puzzles, racing, and growing games. Kids can either play alone or with others through games such as math baseball – where teams answer questions to earn bases – where teams answer questions to make floors faster than any opposing team can!


Subtraction is an essential math skill to acquire. These free games allow children to practice this concept while having fun.

Use Computer Mice’s Subtraction Game for Kindergarten, K5, or First Grade students to practice subtracting numbers within 10. This online drill offers immediate feedback for young children.

Play this fun subtraction game that uses a number line to reinforce subtraction facts! Students roll two dice, subtract and place their game piece on the number line – making this an excellent Christmas or winter math center activity!

Race your Mummy to victory while practicing subtraction facts with this thrilling platform game! The faster your answers come in, the greater your score will be!


Multiplication is a fundamental skill students will rely on throughout their academic careers. These free math games help build students’ multiplication facts fluency while supplementing classroom lessons.

Reenergize students with these engaging multiplication games that introduce rhythm to multiplication practice. Like musical chairs, students run to answer multiple-choice multiplication questions correctly and tag their teammate, who then runs off to fill in another grid.

Engage students in this interactive multiplication Jenga game as a hands-on activity. First, write multiplication problems onto blocks, then stack them. When players pull a block out of the pile, they must answer correctly to keep it. Otherwise, the league returns to its original place, and its partner gets another chance to answer it correctly.


Division is often an intimidating concept for students to understand, so practice is vital in improving comprehension of this essential skill. These free-division math games help children sharpen their knowledge through fun and engaging interactive activities to build it further.

Snork’s Long Division Game provides an enjoyable way for learners to practice long division. Helping correct mistakes as they are made provides invaluable feedback that enables long-division skills development.

Create a fun division board using Jenga blocks for an exciting spin on this classic game. Children must solve division problems on each card, placing either an “X” or “O” over their answers on puzzle pieces to complete this board and learn and practice division facts! Kids love using it!


Fun games offer children an engaging way to learn fractions. These games help children grasp basic fraction concepts such as identifying fractions of shapes and numbers, finding equivalences between traces, and converting fractions to decimals or percentages.

By contrast, fraction games provide students with a much more engaging learning experience than simple math flashcards. Students work together to answer questions that unlock more difficult ones – making these great for whole class or distance learning! In addition, they provide practice in skills such as estimation, finding common denominators, and matching fractions to their pictures (even while eating lunch!). Furthermore, playing this game also teaches building Legos, an ideal way to integrate engineering and mathematics while improving hand-eye coordination and the ability to draw geometric shapes!

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