Boat Rental in Barcelona

Charter agency Barcelona Boat Rental provides boat charters for individual sea trips along the coast of Barcelona.

Boat rental is top-rated in Barcelona. Many vacationers prefer to spend time on the sea. Let’s first figure out which vessels fall under this definition.

A motorboat is a small vessel with a stationary engine, unlike a motorboat. Motorboats can be cruise cabin boats and cabin-less boats. Currently, a motorboat is an inclusive definition and includes many subcategories. In this regard, perhaps the most in-demand service is the rental of speedboats and yachts in Barcelona.

First of all, we would like to consider two types of motorboats:

Cabin cruiser motorboat – a small motor yacht designed for short and long sea/river trips.

Here you have everything you need to ensure a long, comfortable life.

Cabin-less motorboats are small, comfortable vessels with a stationary engines equipped with places for passengers. This category includes speedboats and excursion boats. Excursion boats are not fit for long trips, only for several hour-long walks.

Motorboats in Barcelona

Boat rental is a service available to all layers of tourists in Barcelona, as its cost is not much higher than a group trip if rented by a party of three or more. Of course, renting a motorboat is unsuitable for organizing events such as a wedding or a celebration for many guests, such as 20 people. Still, it is possible to split many passengers into several smaller motorboats.

In summary, a motorboat is almost an ideal option for sports and active leisure for lovers of speed and headwinds. It is also suitable for fishing enthusiasts and water skiing. Motorboats belong to the economy or budget class of marine vessels and will not appeal to connoisseurs of luxury yachts and many decks.

Renting a cabin motorboat is an excellent solution if:

  • You have a small company
  • Do you want an inexpensive walk
  • You organize a romantic dinner or a photo shoot for two
  • You have small children

Renting a cabin-less motorboat is suitable for:

  • Fishing on a boat in the open sea. Fishing gear is provided for free on all motorboats.
  • Budget travel. The rental price of a motorboat is significantly lower than a yacht’s.
  • Speed travel. Engines power all motorboats, so their speed is higher compared to sailboats.

Advantages of renting a motorboat in Barcelona:

  • Affordable price
  • High maneuverability
  • Impressive capacity (up to 10 people)
  • Modern appearance
  • Availability of free fishing gear
  • High speed

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