Running a blog Theology in dialog with Rabbi Tovia Singer

Running a blog Theology in dialog with Rabbi Tovia Singer
1:08 Opening
3:30 Rabbi Tovia’s works
5:15 Frequent time period on monotheism
8:45 Feedback on Jesus’s atonement
12:15 Interpolations within the scriptures
17:30 The Bible’s studying order on defining “historic” Jesus
20:20 The language of the scriptures
23:50 Rabbi’s engagement with Indonesian Muslims
27:10 Judaism “with” Islam, however not with Christianity (idolatry)
31:33 Noahide Legal guidelines
36:45 The irony of Judeo-Christian custom vs Islamic custom within the West
40:05 The Legal guidelines perspective on morality points these days
46:14 Yom Kippur, and the deviated “sacrificial lamb”
51:40 The forgotten essence of the E book of Jonah
57:43 Changing to Judaism?
1:02:10 Rabbi’s view on Prophet Muhammad SAW and Islam
1:12:02 (some) Jewish students view on the textual authenticity of the scriptures
1:18:22 Hadith on the authenticity of the previous revelations
1:24:40 Dialogue concerning the Injil (Gospel)
1:36:45 Q&A session
1:37:05 “Are you able to ask Rabbi how can God be so irresponsible to permit alcohol even typically???”
1:41:35 “Can Rabbi discuss Daniel 7;13-14. Whether or not or not it is messianic?”
1:45:05 “Might you ask the Rabbi concerning the variations between Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and Extremely-orthodox Judaism? (And the way they view the Torah)
1:54:17 “To Rabbi Tovia Singer, What is the origin & that means of Spock hand signal?”