Acrylic Concrete Coating

Acrylic concrete coating is a water-based concrete system that is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial areas alike. Additionally, you can make it safer with slip-resistant materials added into the mix. Often the Amazing fact about SmartScape Concrete Coatings.

Polyurethanes are significantly more expensive than acrylics and come in both water- and solvent-based formulas, providing more excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Protects Concrete from Harsh Weather

Concrete surfaces that are frequently exposed to sunlight require protective coatings in order to avoid damage. Acrylic coatings offer a water-repellant, transparent sealer that enhances and preserves the color of your flooring, with fast-drying qualities to withstand stains, mild chemicals, abrasion, and humidity damage – not forgetting their ability to shield interior and exterior spaces against dorm mold, mildew, and humidity! In addition, depending on which type of acrylic coating is chosen by experienced professionals, they may add materials that make surfaces slip-repellent; this feature could prove especially useful in areas like walkways or pool decks where people tend to move.

Acrylic concrete coatings help safeguard both the interior and exterior of your commercial space by blocking harmful UV rays, providing you with peace of mind while enjoying outdoor spaces year-round. This makes acrylic coatings an excellent solution for businesses that open their doors year-round to customers or employees.

Acrylic coatings not only offer UV protection but also feature a transparent water-repellant film that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. This feature makes acrylic coatings ideal for protecting concrete against oil spills or any other liquid that might stain its surface, non-toxic fumes emitted during application, or emissions after it has dried, making it safe to use indoors or outdoors.

Acrylic coatings may not be as hardwearing as epoxy or polyurethane sealers, yet they still protect concrete against weather elements and joint problems such as moisture intrusion, cold temperatures, and chemical penetration. A high-quality acrylic sealer should be applied before the winter season begins in order to prevent contamination, which leads to increased internal and sure cracking in the concrete structure.

Epoxy and polyurethane sealers tend to be more costly than acrylic sealers, yet can provide more excellent resistance against chemicals and heavy equipment. Unfortunately, however, they can become brittle or damaged if subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations or structural shifts within concrete substrate. Therefore, epoxy or polyurethane sealers should only be used in environments requiring resilient, long-lasting solutions.

Prevents Stains

Concrete coatings protect surfaces against oil, wine, coffee, and other spills from staining the surface and may help your concrete look newer for longer. In particular, they protect from acid-based stains caused by citrus fruit or chemicals used for cleaning purposes.

An acrylic concrete coating provides a protective, thin layer of protection to concrete surfaces. Compared with epoxy sealers, they’re much less dense and typically cost-effective; plus, they’re easy to apply and come in various sheen levels to complement your surfaces.

Acrylic coatings not only protect concrete from dust but can also make it more resistant to stains caused by weather, foot traffic, and the environment. An acrylic coating will protect it while still allowing it to breathe – prolonging its lifespan considerably.

Choose an acrylic sealer carefully based on what sheen you prefer and the application process; water- and solvent-based acrylic sealers come with various sheen levels for any concrete or paver project. High-quality acrylics designed to withstand extreme weather conditions offer both gloss and matte finishes for extra durability.

When choosing an acrylic formula, solids percentage plays a critical role. Pure acrylics tend to be more durable and don’t yellow with UV exposure compared to co-polymer (styrene-acrylic) products, though these tend to be slightly more costly.

If you want an acrylic sealer that not only looks great but will also resist staining and moisture, the Dyco TS200 could be just what you need. This 25 % solid low-sheen high-performance acrylic offers freeze/thaw resistance as well as dirt buildup prevention, inhibits mildew growth, blocks efflorescence formation, and increases surface durability; additionally, it has non-yellowing qualities with apparent drying appearance, dries quickly for increased surface durability, and is non-yellowing for increased surface durability – to make the most out of this sealer concrete preparation must take place prior to application for optimal results that last long term beauty! Read product labels carefully as per manufacturer guidelines to achieve stunning finishes that last –


Over time, concrete can begin to weather and look worn down. Utilizing acrylic coatings as sealers on concrete surfaces can extend their longevity while protecting them against harsh weather conditions and keeping their appearance looking newer for longer. Sealers prevent dirt and oils from penetrating the pores of the surface and keep it looking pristinely clean while remaining stain-free.

VOCOMP-25 is an easy-to-use concrete curing and sealing compound made up of special acrylic polymers in a water-based carrier, designed to protect concrete against ultraviolet exposure without yellowing over time. Furthermore, its long-term finish provides increased chemical, petroleum, and abrasive resistance as well as durability.

Concrete can dry quickly with this product. Easily applied and dried to a clear satin sheen that allows your concrete’s color and texture to show through, this odorless and non-toxic formula meets all environmental regulations, including SCAQMD’s requirements.

Low VOC acrylic sealer with a satin sheen that dries clear is easy to use, safe for most environments, and protects against stains, dirt, and mildew – ideal for commercial and industrial spaces where a positive dust-proof seal is essential.

Although there are various concrete coating options on the market, selecting one that best fits your warehouse depends on its function and requirements. If it will be exposed to heavy traffic and machinery, epoxy or urethane might be preferable; otherwise, acrylic may suffice. Plus, its lower costs make it ideal for smaller budgets, while its quick installation means quicker business for you!


Concrete coatings come in all sorts of varieties that you can apply to concrete surfaces. Depending on what your finished product requires, such as longevity, durability, safety, or aesthetics, you can narrow down options to find one best suited to you and your budget.

Acrylic paint is an affordable way to add some flair and personality to your concrete. With quick dry times and low VOC emissions, acrylic is not toxic and won’t emit harmful fumes into the air. Unfortunately, however, its durability leaves much to be desired as it can chip from heavy impacts while being easily scratched over time.

An increasingly popular option for protecting and beautifying concrete surfaces is a decorative concrete sealer. This flexible coating can create patterns on floors, walkways, patios, and more while offering UV rays protection for added flair in homes or businesses alike.

To apply a decorative concrete sealant, you will first need to ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and completely dry. Pressure washing or chemical strippers like Fast-Strip Plus, Enviro-Strip, or xylene may be required; once this step has been completed, you can then determine if your existing decorative concrete project is water or solvent-based by placing a paper towel saturated with xylene on a small area of concrete; if it turns brown, this indicates water-based sealers while yellow signifies solvent sealers.

Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings may cost more than acrylic concrete coatings, but they come with many advantages. Both varieties can withstand high-traffic areas while offering various colors and textures to meet individual preferences. Furthermore, these water-resistant options do not permit mildew growth – perfect for garage or basement floors!

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