A Guide to Astral Projection

The ability to astral projects and hence visit other dimensions is innate. It’s the split between the true self (your spirit body) and the temporary vehicle you utilize on Earth. Astral projection is as normal as taking a breath. Every living thing can travel astral; it is innate to its real nature. How rapidly you can do it on purpose is entirely up to you. The vast majority of unskilled people will nod off during the process, which is quite inconvenient because remembering your journeys requires you to leave the body before it goes to sleep.

Very few people hear about astral projection from their religious or cultural upbringings. As a result, many people walk through life clueless about it. Many people mistakenly believe that their physical body is the sole true version of themselves. It’s merely a covering to keep your spirit alive while you’re here on Earth.

Every night, the vast majority of us astral project without even realizing it. Some background information is necessary to explain why some people simply cannot Astral Projection. Astral travel is difficult for everyone, but it’s next to impossible for those who are severely constipated, overweight, or infatuated with physical pleasures. There are two main reasons why this is impossible: first, if they are severely overweight or constipated, their spiritual body is trapped inside their physical one, making it impossible for it to be released while the physical one sleeps. Those who are preoccupied with material things will likewise fail since the spiritual path is not material. For the simple reason that those who are preoccupied with sensual wants can’t give their full attention to anything else.

So, to recap: astral projection is one thing, conscious astral projection is another; both are desirable, but the former requires training because, as I’ve said before, “the majority of untrained people fall asleep during the process,” and the latter requires leaving the physical body before it goes to sleep in order to remember your travels. Again, we need to digress because many people conflate visualization with their own creative faculties. Visualization is necessary, but it is not the same as using your imagination. Indulging one’s imagination is strictly a make-believe activity. For example, you couldn’t magically leap over a thirty-story skyscraper no matter how creative you were able to be. Perhaps in your mind, you could

accomplish this feat, and then you would be a superhero on par with Superman. Jumping thirty stories in the air is not only impossible but also a waste of time, but many people squander their time envisioning the unthinkable. On the other hand, visualization is not only conceivable but also consistent with standard physical rules.

The trick, if you will, is to imagine that your spirit body is looking down on you while you lie in bed at night. Do this just before you go off to sleep. Many people at this moment will not see their true physical since they are not expecting to see it, and if you see it for the first time, you may immediately jump back into your physical. Seeing our own bodies in this way is often startling because it is so different from gazing at ourselves in a mirror. Remember the first time you heard your own voice on a recording? It’s the same with the physical when you get to see it; you would have bet a lot of money that it wasn’t you.

Having the ability to visualize is another challenge. Many people nowadays find it difficult to visualize because they are constantly bombarded by visual pictures from media such as television, movies, and the internet, which eliminate the need for them to use their imagination. So the question is, what can we do to help?

An easy way to do this is to have a friend or lover snap a photo of you while lying in or sitting on your bed. Since your spirit body will be near the ceiling when it leaves your physical body, the photograph must be taken from above to give the impression that you are looking down. You’ll have to be in the photo yourself, so there’s no point in taking it. If you’ve mastered conscious astral flight, you won’t have to first float above the physical near the ceiling. But for the time being, let’s suppose that’s not the case; in that case, you will float above the physical, albeit how high depends on you.

It would be best if you didn’t use a flash or snap a picture during the day. If you want to see clearly while astral projecting, it’s best to draw the curtains and create a sort of neutral illumination. When you’re in the astral, you’re not using your physical eyes, but your spiritual ones, so even the darkest rooms appear bright and clear to you. When you return, you should be dressed (or undressed) like you do when you go to sleep. Now, before you turn in for the night, get the picture and concentrate on this image; then, turn in and visualize the photo image before drifting off to sleep; finally, establish the firm belief that you have already accomplished your goal, and you will have. One night, you will be able to observe the material world from a higher vantage point. We put up our own roadblocks of self-doubt and anxiety, therefore, it’s not going to happen overnight, and it may take days, weeks, or even years to accomplish.

It’s typical to feel like you’re falling or swaying a bit towards the beginning. That’s your spiritual self attempting to manifest. If you’ve ever fallen asleep and been jolted awake by what seemed like a sudden tug on your body, that was just your two halves saying goodbye. This jerk may encourage you to keep trying until you finally succeed on another night. It’s like learning to ride a bike for the first time; you’ll inevitably wipe out in fear the first time you get on, and it’ll be months before you’re comfortable enough to ride without training wheels and with complete confidence.

So, let’s pretend you’ve managed to do this and are now gazing down upon the dozing body. Rest for a bit; just be motionless; you don’t need to feel panic or triumph; rest peacefully for a few moments now that you’ve escaped the corporeal. Then, if you think you can handle the shock, and your body type allows it, look back at what you just left. It’s unbalanced, it’s hefty, and it’s a total jumbled mess. Don’t you feel better being away from it for a while? You’ll be able to observe the silver tether that joins our astral and human selves. It doesn’t matter if it’s gone to sleep once you’ve left the physical realm. It is normal for beginners to experience a gradual realization that their spirit body is slowly descending feet first until they find themselves at the foot of the bed; more advanced practitioners need only think of the location to which they wish to project their spirit body in order to instantly be transported there.

The spiritual can be forced back into the physical if you get too excited or try to rush things at this stage; if that happens, you won’t accomplish much more that night and will have to try again on another night. Let’s say, once more, that you’ve made it to the end of the bed without freaking out or getting too excited about seeing your actual physical body lying prone in or upon the bed. What are your next steps? You should get acclimated by exploring your bedroom first to get used to moving around. You are brighter than anything else and can get around all by yourself; all you have to do is think about or imagine yourself moving, and you will actually start moving. You can travel at speeds far greater than the speed of light, depending on how fast you think you can go. Take your time as you make your way slowly around the room, touching the dust as you go and looking up and around the wardrobe and other places you don’t usually look. Once you’ve gotten used to the idea that your hand or finger disappears into thin air, you can venture into other parts of the house. The tingling feeling you get when passing through solid objects, like very mild pins and needles, is natural and will go away as you become more accustomed to traveling in this manner, so don’t worry about it too much. Since there isn’t a fast road to this, there’s no reason to rush.

Let me be clear: at this point, your only real enemy is fear. Fear is the killer of the mind because it prevents us from progressing. You don’t dread what you know. Thus, fear is only the unknown that we don’t yet grasp. Keep in mind that there is nothing that can truly harm you. Again, let’s suppose you’ve made it thus far, that you’re comfortable maneuvering around and even through solid objects, and that your anxiety is under control. It’s time to see the neighborhood outside before heading away on a cross-country trip. Since Astral Projection renders physical space irrelevant, you can visit virtually any location on Earth or in the cosmos.

A word of caution: if you think it would be awesome to see other people in their underwear, you might want to reconsider. It’s a universal law that only people with pure intentions may see everything, while those with idle curiosity or ulterior goals cannot. You can disobey the rules of physics here on Earth, but no one can violate the laws of the universe.

So how do you tell if you’re dreaming or actually going on an astral journey? Just as many people unknowingly dream of astral travel. To put it simply, in the REAL astral world, you WILL see more colors than you can perceive in the physical world, the silver cord is ALWAYS visible, and you can see even in the very DARKEST rooms as if there were indirect sunlight entering those rooms.

Remember that while you are in the heavenly realm, you are safe from harm. Possession is impossible, and the silver chord can only be severed by death. Fear itself is your sole real concern. Keep in mind that you CANNOT BE HURT and that you can ALWAYS return back to the physical once out, so there’s no reason to freak out if you experience a few swaying sensations while attempting.

During an out-of-body experience, or “astral projection,” some people report walking through a tunnel toward a brilliant light. This news is fantastic since it indicates a path to the genuine astral plane. It is highly recommended that, if given the opportunity, you spend some time in your astral home, taking mental notes of everything you experience so that, when your time on Earth is up, you can return quickly and easily. You can travel at speeds far greater than the speed of light on the astral realm, and all interactions between inhabitants are conducted via telepathy. Don’t worry if you don’t understand telepathy; it comes naturally on the astral level. When you return to the real world, you will be greeted by friends and family members only. Just give it a shot, and you’ll find I was right.

Some astral dimensions are accessible to you while others are inaccessible until you reach a certain level of spiritual development; you’ll recognize these more advanced dimensions only as bright lights if you try to approach them. You will encounter weird beings on the lowest levels of existence; some of them may even look demonic to you, but don’t be fooled; your false teaching has led you to believe that they are. You can learn and comprehend a lot more once you leave the corporeal and enter the astral dimension.

Astral projection requires no special knowledge or skill, just assurance. You need decide beforehand that you will perform astral projection when awake and alert. And the first step is to visualize yourself leaving your physical body, floating just inches above the recumbent physical body. This is different from imagining that you are outside your body, which wastes time. If you see yourself doing it, if you tell yourself again and over that you are doing it, eventually you will. Your greatest shock will come when you realize you’re weightless and staring down at a squishy body of white or green or whatever color you happen to be. Because it doesn’t matter at all if your body goes to sleep when you leave the physical, if you leave while the body is awake, you will recall the entire event, the body will likely have its mouth open and be snoring.

How, then, to resume physical activity? You can force yourself to return mentally, or it will occur on its own when morning comes. When you’re astral projecting, you can feel a persistent tug along the silver cord; this is your physical body alerting your ethereal body that morning has arrived or that someone is trying to wake you up.

If you experience a headache upon reentering the physical world, it is likely due to a discordance between your astral and physical selves caused by your hasty acclimatization. This is readily remedied by returning to sleep for a little period of time to allow for a reunification of the selves. Your physical and spiritual bodies must be in harmony since your spirit operates much more frequently. This is usually done automatically.

Now for the controversial part; many may disagree, yet the fact remains that some people do in fact have aspirations. Currently, dreams often serve as justifications for the events of the day. Because this individual is skeptical, to begin with and refuses to accept the notion of astral travel, their subconscious comes up with a beautiful image or dream that is actually crazier than anything that could happen in real life as a means of convincing them that astral flight is possible.

Dreams, then, are either the conscious mind making sense of an astral experience or, more commonly, the unconscious mind wandering through thinking processes. In contrast, the soul or astral form is physically separated from the body. I pray this information is helpful and that you discover the many joys of astral travel.

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