8 Websites to Get Free College Textbooks

You need textbooks as a college student if you want to achieve the greatest results since they will help you with your studies, help you comprehend the lectures, and ultimately help you breeze through the examinations. These textbooks are expensive, scarce, and seldom used, which makes purchasing them a chore.

Additionally, there are certain textbooks that you won’t completely utilize since you just need to read a select few chapters, but no one will sell you a portion of a textbook. Fortunately, there are 6 places where you may download free college textbooks. Check it out, shall we?

1. Archive.Org (The Wayback Machine)

The first site on our list is, which is more useful than you would realize. It provides a huge selection of media, including PDFs, papers, online books, and even older YouTube courses.

Additionally, depending on your interests, you may download these books in a variety of formats. You may back up your digital books and papers with It stands as a commitment to its name as a website and gives you access to exclusive media.

2. Bookboon

With Bookboon, you have access to not only free textbooks but also books that have been produced and published by the finest professors at the best institutions. You may choose from a selection of top-notch books regardless of the subject you’re taking in the business, economics, literature, science, or technology departments.

The website also provides you with a skill-learning program for personal growth.

3. BCcampus OpenEd

Any website offering free college textbooks does so in order to provide public access to resources for advanced study. Through its library of resources based on the most well-liked courses in British Columbia, OpenEd specifically encourages that.

The books available cover a wide range of topics, including technology, accounting, sociology, media, the arts, biology, and business. By using particular parameters and keywords, the website is simple to find.

4. bioRxiv

There is no need to search any further if you’re looking for a website that offers free college textbooks and only has science-related titles. A website devoted to science called bioRxiv has a library of books on subjects including dermatology, ecology, pharmacology, and more.

It’s a website that also informs its users of new papers and articles when they are released by sending them alerts. You may follow them on Twitter to get updates as well.

5. Bookshare

It might be challenging to locate a website that gives free college textbooks for the less well-known subjects of study. Fortunately, Bookshare is your go-to resource for anything alternative. There is a book for every requirement, whether you’re interested in food, reading, or graphic design.

Also, Bookshare is the place to go if you need free college textbooks to study for the SAT, MCAT, LSAT, or GRE.

6. Cite Seer X

Cite Seer X is the website to visit if you want to get free college textbooks from the 20th and early 21st centuries. Cite Seer X offers a gateway to the past and guarantees you’ll have joy searching for the books you need thanks to its extensive collection of books written before 2000 and produced by Penn University. Cite Seer X is a useful tool that also provides citations for the stuff you utilize.

7. Digital Book Index

As its name implies, Digital Book Index provides access to links to a huge selection of digital books across all academic areas. These subjects include math, science, medicine, law, philosophy, and history. They also include law and religion. You may get free access to tens of thousands of PDF books from authors, publishers, institutions, and private websites at Digital Book Index.

8. SolutionInn

There is good news for you if you want to read books in the traditional way but are put off by the high cost of hard copies of textbooks. SolutionInn distributes free used physical copies of textbooks to students. Even the shipping expenses are covered. On this online site, you may get a wide range of free textbooks, whether you’re looking for ones on engineering or English literature. If you need assistance with your academics, you may also discover qualified instructors on our website.