7 UNEXPECTED BLOGGING TIPS for Beginners from a Full-Time Blogger 2021 | MUST Know Before Starting

7 Best BLOGGING TIPS for Beginners from a Full-Time Blogger | What you MUST Know Before Starting. FREE PINTEREST MASTERCLASS

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From this video you will learn how to become a full-time blogger, what are my best tips for new bloggers. There some fundamentals you need to know before starting a blog. I will give you the non-conventional blogging advice you were looking for. These blogging tips for beginners are based on my almost 4 years of experience as a full-time blogger on AnastasiaBlogger.com.
My name is Anastasia and you can find my blog at anastasiablogger.com. I’ve been a full-time blogger since 2018 and I’ve learned a few things about what actually can help you make money with your blog.

This will not be a video full of advice you’ve seen everywhere, like follow your passion, or just go ahead and start it. In fact, many of my tips might sound controversial but as I promised, I will talk about stuff that worked for me and in general, this is my approach on this channel. I don’t talk about things I don’t know about. And when I talk about something, I don’t like to give you general advice, I speak from my experience and it’s totally up to you to follow any of my tips or ignore them and do things your own way.

Now buckle up and let’s get started!

1. First thing that lots of people will tell you to do is niche down and then niche down from there even more.

Well, my friend, this advice is a bad one. But it’s not the only way to create a profitable website. Lots and lots of big-name bloggers and online magazines that started as blogs, don’t have a specific niche. But they get a ton of traffic from many sources. From Pinterest because Pinterest doesn’t really-really care that much about how narrowly niched your website is. From Google because they have a strong domain authority and their articles in all kinds of different niches just rank high.

2. Keep your day job for at least one more year

This might sound weird from a full-time blogger who is here to inspire you on the way to changing your lifestyle and living your dream life… but don’t leave your job when you started your blog. Don’t even think of it that way or else you’ll be very disappointed. You can dream of leaving your job by end of the first year of blogging if everything goes really great for you.

It takes time to learn something entirely new. You didn’t start reading and writing in a month, did you? Blogging is a whole new profession, maybe several professions in one to be honest. You’ll be learning it while doing it. It will not replace your salary the first month, or even 6 months later.

If you have other expectations from blogging, if you think without an overnight success it’s not worth the effort, then maybe this path is not for you. Maybe you need to look for other ways of getting rich and famous overnight, but blogging takes work and patience.

3. Don’t even get started if you don’t have a basic understanding of SEO

Don’t even get started is a strong statement but I stand by it. Because SEO can play a role even when you are just choosing a domain name for your blog.

You don’t have to know EVERYTHING about SEO from day one. And let’s be realistic, you will never know everything about it. Because search engine algorithms are evolving all the time, so you will need to keep learning about SEO and adjusting your strategies over time.
But there are some fundamentals that you can’t ignore even as a beginner. You need to understand HOW people will end up on your website. You need to understand that people use search engines and keywords and that your content has to be relevant to what people ask in search boxes.

How do you make your website and your content relevant, how do you find the right keywords? That’s a whole big topic way beyond the purpose of this video. But I will give you a link down below in the description to a FREE training on Google SEO by a fellow-blogger Mike Pearson.

He has his Google SEO figured out and making over $10,000/mo with each of the two niche blogs he runs. Mike knows how to talk about SEO in a way that it doesn’t seem so complicated anymore!

Again, check out the link to his FREE training in the description box down below.