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Game rules

FIFA, the governing body for football, is looking at altering the rules of the game to reduce game times from 90 minutes to 60. They may do this by proposing two 30-minute halves containing key regulations.

Stop-clock systems have become a feature in both American and Canadian basketball and American football in an attempt to eliminate gamesmanship. Unfortunately, however, it could disrupt the flow of gameplay and lessen excitement during matches. The International Football Association Board (Ifab) has come up with some radical proposals for changing football that they are willing to test out in some matches.

Under these proposals, teams would also see reduced substitutions and would only have access to two 60-second time-outs per half. Furthermore, dead balls would stop play immediately, and players may huddle before each play, however, before attacking another side. This allows offenses to start their play immediately when the clock stops instead of having to wait for officials’ signal that they’re ready.

Special teams

Special teams often receive less focus than offensive and defensive units, yet they play an integral part in a team’s overall performance. Their primary aim is gaining field position that gives your side an advantage against opponents; to do this successfully requires exceptional athletes with solid hand-eye coordination, steady hands for holders, and the desire to compete.

Special teams are comprised of players called upon for any play involving kicks – be they kickoffs, punts, or field goal attempts. Special teams are unique because their composition combines offensive and defensive players – as they usually receive backup from starters from other units.

Most special teams units are overseen by one coach, which helps establish a unified unit. To create an impactful special teams unit, the head coach must have an enthusiastic approach to coaching special teams. His passion will transfer over to his players and coaches alike. Furthermore, it’s vitally important that his staff has an adequate grasp on coaching special teams.

Special teams require backup players for every position on special teams. These backup players must get enough practice reps in order to become effective contributors on game night should one be needed; often, the outcome of the game can depend on one of these backup players.

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