3 Amazing Gi Chokes From Side Control In Jiu-Jitsu

Side control is one of the most powerful Brazilian jiu-jitsu positions. It provides a wealth of submission chances and game transitions like the BJJ armbar, kimura, Americana, chokes, triangles, and other similar techniques.

Otherwise, The BJJ side control may be considered a fundamental pillar of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals. Because of this, the sooner you comprehend all of the associated side control variations, the sooner you can put them to good use in your game.

However, it could be a horrible position for many BJJ martial artists in the bottom side control position. This means that the bottom players may have difficulty escaping out of side control BJJ, especially if the one on top is a seasoned competitor.

In this BJJ article, I’ll go over the finest chokes from side control in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that I’ve found so far. Stay Tuned!

Side Control Baseball Bat Choke

The baseball bat choke is one of the most versatile and tightest chokes available in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most notably, it is incredibly lethal when used from the side.

The following steps will guide you through completing the baseball bat choke from the side control position.

  1. Begin in side control with a thumb in lapel grip slightly behind your opponent’s head to create solid control over your opponent’s body.
  2. Then, with your other hand, slide a 4-finger grip palm up and down. As the name suggests, the grip is designed to look like you are holding a baseball bat.
  3. The baseball bat choke is finished by popping up to your toes and placing your weight against your opponent’s chest. When you’re ready, drop your top elbow, put your head next to his hip, and turn them to receive the touch.

Paper Cutter Choke From Side Control

The paper cutter Choke, also known as the bread cutter Choke, is a fundamental Gi choke that any practitioner may learn. It is also one of the most effective chokes possible from the side control posture, if not the most effective. However, the paper cutter choke, on the other hand, is both harmful and relatively simple to execute in most cases.

The following steps will walk you through conducting a paper cutter or bread cutter choke from the side control lever.

  1. To begin, switch between side control and the north/south position on your controller. Then, without allowing any space between you and your opponent, place your near arm on his side.
  2. Grab the lapel of your opponent’s arm with that arm locked under their arm. Then, control their elbow and trap the arm from above to reduce their possibilities of escaping.
  3. In a reverse sit-out, you can put your weight on your opponent’s chest. And then use your other hand to grab their lapel with your thumb still in the grasp of your thumb.
  4. Return to the standard side mount and chop your hands on the ground with a knife to obtain the tap. Pressure can be increased by sliding your elbow towards the opponent’s head, and you’ll receive a rapid tap.

Clock Choke From Top Side Control

The top side control position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most powerful positions available. It offers numerous chokes submission opportunities, including the clock choke.

The following steps will walk you through conducting a clock choke from the top side control.

  1. First, you must position yourself in the top side control position and secure it with proper grips and weight distribution to prevent it from shifting.
  2. Then it would be beneficial to open up the collar of the opponent’s gi to establish a solid cross grip. You indeed got to rid of the opponent’s hands, which will most likely prohibit you from achieving your ideal collar grasp unless they are removed.
  3. Maintain the cross grip and push your opponent to line up on his side to limit his options for escape. In addition, apply a sufficient amount of pressure to your opponent’s shoulders with your chest to prevent him from rolling. At the same time, you narrow the distance between you.
  4. Finish the side control clock choke by a circle around the opponent’s head and walking toward their head.


Side control is one of the most prevalent positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It allows the top player to execute various submissions, including Gi chokes and other techniques.

I hope that the gi chokes submissions from the side control examples above will assist you in developing a challenging submission chain. Have a good time rolling and submitting the crowds!

Otherwise, it would help to become acquainted with the various side control techniques and submissions like the armbar, triangle, kimura, etc. While Chokes have constantly been recognized as one of the most effective moves anyone can perform on the mat, they are not without their detractors.

Please share your thoughts: Are the BJJ side control Gi chokes are among your favorite jiu-jitsu submissions, and if so, why?