12 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Putting your property up for sale for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. You can be as active or inactive as you like in the process, though several alternatives are available to you. Consider what aspects of the sale are crucial before making a final decision. Is it more necessary to sell fast or for a more excellent price? Do you want to manage the sale yourself, or would you rather have someone else handle the details? How much are you willing to spend to find a buyer?

This report is meant to serve as a guide while you consider your options and decide on your specific requirements and preferences. It will show you the pros and cons of each option and advise you on how to make a quicker sale.

Please take the time to read this complete report before meeting with any decision-makers to discuss the next steps. Remember that the first step toward selling your home is the most critical step.

Possible Causes for Urgent Sale

Homeowners may need to sell their houses quickly for many reasons. Your “dream home” might have just been found, and now is the time to act before someone else does. There may have been a family member who passed away. You’re spending all your free time and money maintaining the house they left you. Finding a buyer is challenging, and you don’t want to waste time doing so.

Perhaps your employer has mandated a transfer, rendering your only options selling your home and buying a new one or living out of a suitcase. Divorce is another possible explanation. You and your spouse have decided to separate, and you need to use the equity in your present property to purchase a new one. Keeping the same living arrangements at this time is not feasible.

If you’re a landlord who’s had it with deadbeat tenants, you may be considering eviction. Perhaps your financial situation has changed, putting you behind on payments and closer to foreclosure. There’s also the possibility that maintenance tasks around the house have become too much of a burden. The costs of recovering from natural disasters that aren’t covered by insurance can be crippling.

You could have purchased that gorgeous vacation home when money was plentiful, but now that you’ve been laid off, you can’t afford to keep it. Or, the bank’s generosity in providing a loan of 100% of the property’s value prevented you from building equity. Maybe it’s time to free yourself from that rut and move on.

Can you put a name to any of these? If so, you should probably go forward with the sale. You can use the data in this report to guide your thinking.

Sales Techniques

Examine your home objectively, as if you were the buyer. So, what do you observe? What do you think? Had this house looked like this when you bought it, would you have made the same decision? Take a peek at the home across the street from you. Find it appealing? Will potential buyers rush to schedule a viewing, or will they instead run to leave?

The goal is to make your home look as pleasant as possible to potential buyers. Mend it, repaint it, and scrub it. Several suggestions are included below.

First, clean up the mess. You want people to feel that your home has plenty of room. More stuff makes it look like there’s less room.

Is your closet a source of irrational fear? So, get some garbage cans and empty some storage containers. If something is no longer helpful, you can sell it at a garage sale, consign it, donate it, or throw it away. You can make your closets look more spacious by not piling too much clothing on the hangers.

Third, how long has it been since your garage floor was exposed to daylight? If not, it’s time to perform some significant reorganizing, including hanging up new things and removing old ones.

Is there a particular area of your home that always seems to end up with clutter? If so, discard it. Create an inviting space in your yard.

Five, clean and tidy the home thoroughly before each viewing. You won’t believe how much dirt, dust, and fingerprints have built up over the years! Invest in full-service cleaning for your home. Get the carpets steam cleaned, at the very least.

Fix any damage so that it doesn’t turn off potential buyers.

To make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in your house, take down family photos and other mementos and store them out of sight.

Make sure kids’ rooms are always clean and organized. Take down any posters you may have on the wall, make your bed every morning, tidy your closets (as mentioned above), put your dirty clothes in the hamper, and keep the floor clean.

9. Having your kids out of the house during a showing could be a good idea. They may feel threatened by the intrusion of strangers into their own space.

10 Upon entering the house, there should be a pleasant aroma of cleanliness and freshness. Putting vanilla or chocolate chip cookie-scented air fresheners in your home is a good strategy. Use the power of fragrance to your advantage by preparing meals, lighting candles, arranging flowers, and breaking out the potpourri right before a screening.

You may have a lot of affection for your pet, but not everyone shares that feeling. If possible, try to keep your pets elsewhere during the showing. Plus, much hair isn’t required to clean surfaces like couches, carpets, stairs, etc.

Don’t let your pet scare away potential purchasers, number 12. Don’t, for instance, let your dog’s barking spoil the tranquility of your backyard for potential buyers.

The goal is for potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the house. Your home is the best investment you can make. Please put it on display to generate as much revenue as possible.

Steve Teta is an entrepreneur, marketer, and real estate investor/wholesaler. Visit for more and a free copy of “How to Buy a Wholesale Deal Without Getting Wet.”

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