10 Direct Sales Marketing Tips – 10 Direct Sales Marketing Tips that will help you be a top earner in any company. Start getting results today.

In direct sales, your brand is extremely important to your overall success. One of the best ways to expand it is through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Make it a goal to get at least 5 new connections on each of the main social media platforms so more people will know about you and see your content.

You should be publishing content daily or at least a few times a week. Content includes: blog posts, social media posts, videos, slideshare presentations, podcasts, etc. Content that is full of value and done consistently over time is one of your best long term solutions for building your list and making sales. It’s free and it gets the best leads because they get to see your content consistently instead of just a capture page or ad. Do one piece of content a day.

You better be building a list of leads through an email service if you want to ensure that you will always be building your brand and making sales, no matter what you are promoting. You’ve probably heard that the money is in the list and that’s true. Always be capturing emails from social media, your blog, ads, etc. People won’t usually buy anything the first time the see it. Capture as many leads as you can daily and give them something like an ebook full of value in return for their email. It works…