10 Apps That Help You Manage Your Streaming Platforms

Here are the top 10 most helpful streaming platforms for you. There are many more online platforms there. In the recent global health that thought us anything, and no matter what travesty befalls humanity, It is our thirst for the best entertainment that will remain firm. If you use them one by one just for weeks in a year you can’t finish it. 

1. Tango 

 It is one of the best applications for collaborating with your friend, family, colleagues, and other tango users. and also facilitates the meeting, interacting, and engaging with new people. you can also earn money from the application through gifts. 

2. Streamlabs 

 It is a swap between front and rear cameras, And you can customize your live theme through the app’s new mobile theme, 

3. Youtube Live 

 It is the best application of all time for streaming online videos or content, you can earn easily from there by uploading your new content daily, also you can edit the privacy of live streams to target a specific audience. When you can go live on youtube there will be a show preview.

4. Facebook Live 

 After Youtube, it is the second most popular application for live streamers, You can also earn from here by uploading videos. You can set who can see your videos, and engage with viewers via chats and comments.

5. Twitch 

 It is one of the best applications for live streaming. If you are online when you can make a gamer you can play video games and also play your live-streaming esports content.

6. 9anime app 

 The 9anime app is mainly based on Android APK, It is not unknown when you are an anime fan and there are only a few good websites where you can watch your favorite animation movies, also live contents. 

7. Instagram Live 

 After Youtube and Facebook, it is one the most popular ones nowadays, it contains hundreds of effects and good-quality video streams. You can join with other users and sends the response to viewers also they can get a notification when you are live streaming videos and something post on there. You can also earn money from here.

8. LiveStream 

 You can explore your live videos event broadcast around the world, and you can also build chats with your viewers.

9. Vimeo 

 You can discover and upload videos through Vimeo, and it gives the best tracking progress with video analytics. 


10. Hakuna 

 From there you can join as a guest to receive gifts from viewers, and also invite multiple guests. 


 With these 10 streaming platforms aggregates available, you can find the best one among one them to settle with is definitely a tough task. There is also a possibility that using these applications makes sense to get on board with one or multiple platforms. These 10 are the greatest streaming service. As for our recommendation, Youtube is still the mightiest among its competitor with its library growing day by day passing.