THIS TABLET RUNS LINUX?! Microsoft Won't buy Discord, and GUI Linux apps on Windows – Linux News

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This time, we have the release of Ubuntu 21.04, graphical linux apps on windows, Discord refusing to be bought by Microsoft, and a good looking potential new Linux tablet. Let’s take a look!

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10:23 Hardware News
11:20 Gaming News
12:39 Privacy News

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## Linux

The University of Minnesotta has been banned from contributing to the linux kernel, for sending buggy patches for research purposes.

Microsoft showcased Linux apps running on windows through Windows subsystem for Linux, in all their graphical glory.

Version 5.12 of the Linux kernel was released, and it’s called a “small release” by Linus Torvalds himself.

Linux Kernel 5.12 Released, This is What’s New

Plasma Mobile has received a big update, to a lot of its defaults apps, and is seeing a bunch of new ones coming in as well, including the first steps for a mobile-enabled email client, which was a big missing part of the experience.

## Apps
Firefox 88 was released, and it seems to remove as many features as it’s adding.

Discord was talking with Microsoft about a potential buy, but it seems that this won’t happen.

Geary 40 was released, and this GTK based mail client is getting really good these days.

Geary 40 Released with Responsive UI, Performance Tweaks

Kdenlive 21.04 was released, and it packs a lot of new features!

Kdenlive 21.04 released

## Hardware
You probably have heard about JingOS, the tablet focused Linux based OS coming from a relatively new chinese company. Well these guys want some nice flagship hardware to accompany that new distro, and they are launching a crowdfunding campaign for the JingPad A1, an ipad pro clone, at least in terms of look and feel, with 128Gb of storage, 6Gb of RAM, and an octo core CPU.

The World’s First ARM-Based Consumer-level Linux Tablet-JingPad A1

## Gaming

Wine 6.7 was released, with a few new features

VKD3D 2.3 was released. The directX 12 to Vulkan conversion layer gains suport for DirectX Ray Tracing, only with Nvidia drivers for now.

## Privacy
Wordpress announced that they would like to auto block the new Google designed tracking method called FLOC. It seems like WordPress thinks that this method is a security concern, and is proposing to send, in future version 5.8, a header indicating that they don’t want to support it. WordPress powers, according to them, 41% of the web right now, so if that change is agreed upon, and I have little doubt it will, it means that Google’s new tracking method could lose a LOT in terms of efficiency, that is, if people update their WordPress version, which isn’t the case for a lot of websites. Admins that still want to opt into Floc will be able to revert that change and remove the 4 lines of code. I covered this new tracking method in a dedicated video a few weeks ago, check out the card up top to know more.