This can be The Perfect Fishing Knife


The team at SOG does right with the Trident TF-1 TiNi. Though it looks like a regular knife, this folding cutting knife is quite impressive. SOG consists of features that outdoorsmen, particularly anglers, will find helpful, such as the TiNi coated cutting tool, SOG Assisted Technology (S. A. T. ), and the noticeable and unique Groove. The Trident weighs throughout very nicely and has a fantastic handle for both equally small and large hands. In addition, surgery has a locking feature that will keep the blade from coming open by accident and yet another mechanism to keep the well-defined blade from closing any time flipped open for use. Find the Best jump knife.

Groove: This innovative feature is what sets the Trident in addition to others. The patent unresolved Groove system is typically built into the handle. It uses the shut blade and a slot within the handle, cutting just about any line, such as parachute wire, rope, and fishing collection, including braided and significant lines.

The Groove was initially developed after Navy Finalizes thought open blades had been too dangerous around delicate equipment and other fellow people. After puncturing an inflatable army boat and harming other equipment when reducing ropes with an open-cutting tool, SOG designed this effective safety system. At this point, the Groove sheath isn’t only used on the Trident. Several other SOG knives at the same time.

S. A. T: SOG Assisted Technology (S. Some sort of. T. ) was designed to support one open the knife quickly and quickly, no matter if anybody uses their right or left hand. The patented process works with a constant force that opens the blade and a variable force that wants to close it. That means any time someone opens the Trident, the force to open it is usually greater than closing, which will, during planting season, open the knife virtually untreated.

Field Tests:

I after read a survey a place about what one thing you would like to get with you if you’re stranded in the wilderness, and someone solved a durable pocket device because it’s a tool they might rely on to cut, scrap, drill down, and many more things that pertains to a person’s survival. Though I hope I might never end up in a situation like this, I have to agree with that declaration. A knife is essential, and much more critical is a high-performing knife that is highly dependable. We tested the SOG Trident while fishing and camping at Acadia Nationwide Park, on local ponds, and on the Pacific Ocean while targeting salmon, albacore rondalla, and rockfish.

The Edge: Aside from valuable features, the actual blade is what makes or fractures a knife. Without a high-quality blade, any knife might be a useless tool. The Trident folding knife has an exceptional blade that’s ground from high-grade AUS8 stainless steel-toned stock. We used the Trident on the water, fresh and sodium. While camping carving marshmallow sticks, gutting fish, and cutting other miscellaneous products, the blade never offered in and is sharp reduce,n g without difficulty.

The Trident edge remained solid, appeared throughout our tests, and did not fail us at the moment. The stainless steel blade for the Trident model is all precisely the same, but the TF-1 test system has a black Titanium Ni coating. There is a bit of a downside to a coating mainly because it’s sure to turn into scratch over time, even though TiNi is a rigid material. However, even if the part can be damaged after expanded use and abuse, this can be a model that anglers should use because the TiNi part not only adds surface solidity but also increases the blade’s effectiveness corrosion.


The Trident folding knife holds basically in your hands. The glass-reinforced Zytel handle is long for both large and small hands and is designed with nonslip for a guaranteed grip. In addition, SOG formed the handle with appropriate curves and positioned the particular ridges on the handle and top of the blade for a far better hold, even when the fish usually slime your hands.


To an angler, a bank account knife is essential and can function for many purposes. One self-explanatory application is slicing fishing lines. The knife is sharp and will slice the fishing line in an instant. We all tried cutting clever lines such as mono, fluorocarbon, and braided series. With the blade flipped on view position, it quickly sliced up the braided line together with the serrated or acceptable edge section of the particular SOG Trident blade. Unfortunately, together with monofilament fishing line, the particular blade doesn’t grab on top of the line like it braided, so to speedily cut slippery line, you will need to fold the line over the incisor or carefully apply an instant slash – this is rue all knives.

The Groove system does the same, although it allows you to cut with the chef’s knife in the closed and straightened position. We often found the Groove very handy. Now, we could apply this attribute on the cutting line immediately and withering of stabbing fellow anglers or upsetting other nearby equipment. Besides cutting the fishing line with the Groove, anglers can use the particular SOG Trident to cut the string.

In an emergency, you will want any blade with a sharp advantage that can quickly get you far from danger, such as rope twisted around the prop and they are about to be washed on land or even rope wrapped about a fellow angler. So opened, the particular SOG Trident cuts string very well above and under the sea as we tried both cases. The Groove system may be applied to cutting only these items that can fit in often the slot, so most piece of string is out of the question in addition to best cutting with the Trident in an open position.


Having the right blade can often mean life or death for quite a few, especially to an outdoors person who relies on a knife for survival purposes. A quality incisor, solid construction, and practical features are essential requirements when buying any pocket knife. The SOG Trident TF-1 has these kinds of characteristics and more. It is absolutely a high-performing folding blade that one can trust to possess at hand.

The Trident provides compelling features like the Groove system allowing anglers to take fishing lines without opening the particular blade, and the SOG Helped Technology (S. A. Capital t. ) that swiftly clears the blade no matter which palm you use. The blade will be ground out of tough stainless, and the TF-1 model will be even more durable with its Ti Nickel coating. The SOG Trident is a blade that inspires confidence and Pires you to get the work done right.

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