Retrieve Image In Android App From Firebase Storage | App Development Tutorial

Learn How To Retrieve Or Load Any Image From Firebase Database To Our Android App.

Android App Development Tutorial –

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In this video, You’ll learn “How to Get Image File from Firebase Cloud Storage To Your Android App”.

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Steps To Follow:
1. Create Android Studio Project.
2. Connect the Project to Firebase.
3. Create or use the existing firebase project for this Android Studio Project.
4. Add Firebase storage from Asistant Window in Android Studio.
5. Check out google services dependency in Project level Build.gradle file.
6. Check out firebase storage dependency in App level Build.gradle file.
7. Please sync the project. Also clean and rebuild the project using the Build menu.
8. Add Internet permission in AndroidManifest.xml file.
9. Go to firebase console.
10. Open the dedicated firebase project.
11. Go to storage,upload image file under a folder.
12. Go to rules to give read and write permission for all users in For Firebase Data.
13. Make sure to download and update google-services.json file into App Folder inside Android Studio project.
14. Modify the activity_main.xml file and add imageview into it.
15. Create a reference to the storage file and get the files in the local/ temporary file and after getting the file convert it into bitmap and finally display it into an imageview.
16. Run your project.
17. Finally you’ll be able to retrieve image from Firebase Storage to your Android App.

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