PhD Preparation Tips: How To Find Journal Articles To Read During A PhD

Most people will tell you to go to Google Scholar to find articles to read for your PhD, or graduate school, but this is the absolute worst way to read find interesting articles to read. This assumes that you have unlimited resources to read at will.

By the way, this video is especially for those that are entering or thinking about going into a PhD.

This is an important PhD preparation tip for finding journal articles to read during your PhD. What I would do is:

Pick the top 5-10 people in your area. Read their work.

Pick the top 1-5 journals in your area. Read the latest articles in those journals.

Look at the latest PhD syllabus in your area, and pick interesting articles to read.

Once you have an idea of what you are interested in during your PhD, then start reading about that topic, but be careful to stay within your knowledge domain.

Your job is to write as you read. Do not get stuck in searching / reading cycles.

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