In Conversation With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj (Founder Of @Blogging QnA)

This video is from a live conversation with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj on YouTube. Now you’re watching an edited version of that conversation.

Blogging QnA is a popular website as we all know and the man behind it is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj with whom I have collaborated for the first time & got to know the journey of Blogging QnA. We also have answered some questions asked by the audience.

So, watch the complete video and I’m sure you’ll acquire valuable information through our discussion.

Well, this is just an introduction video with Mangesh in my “In Conversation With” series.

We’ll collab again on different topics in the future. So, make sure to subscribe to the channel.

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00:00 In Conversation With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj
00:27 Introduction To Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj
01:08 Mangesh’s Other Ventures
01:42 How To Fix Indexing?
03:15 Mangesh Sharing His Experience
04:01 How Did Mangesh Start Blogging?
05:45 How Did Mangesh Find His Blog Name?
07:01 When Did Mangesh Start YouTube?
07:34 Barriers That Mangesh Faced As A YouTuber
09:24 Mangesh Quit His Job
09:50 How Did Mangesh Find A Job?
11:10 Have Mangesh Ever Received Penalty From Google?
13:31 How’s Going Blogging QnA?
14:28 Let’s Know More About Mangesh
15:09 How To Get Traffic In Electronic Website?
16:37 Best Platform For Traffic
17:37 $ How Much Mangesh Earns?
18:09 Received Blog Related Qn In Comment.
19:24 How Do Mangesh Find YT Topics?
20:17 How Bishnu Finds Topics?
21:31 Problems In Rural Areas
23:45 Best Thing About Villages
25:03 Got a Question Related To Thrive Architect
25:59 Elementor Vs Thrive Architect
27:31 Thrive Theme Builder Review
28:19 Popular Tools That Mangesh Recommend
29:02 How Bishnu Gets Hosting & Tools For Free?
31:24 Tools & Hosting That Mangesh Approached
31:53 It Feels Like Dreams Came True
32:57 Tip For All Bloggers
34:17 Common Mistake That Lots Of Bloggers Make
34:50 Mangesh’s End Message/Suggestion For Begginers

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