How to study for exams – Evidence-based revision tips

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Today weโ€™re learning how to study for exams with scientifically-proven techniques. We start by talking about why rereading, highlighting and summarising are pretty inefficient, and then talk about the evidence behind Active Recall as the most efficient revision technique. We end with a few suggestions as to how to incorporate Active Recall into your study routine. Enjoy xx


1. 01:29 โ€“ Popular but inefficient technique #1 โ€“ Rereading
2. 03:29 โ€“ Popular but inefficient technique #2 โ€“ Highlighting
3. 04:51 โ€“ Popular but inefficient technique #3 โ€“ Summarising
4. 06:42 โ€“ Active Recall, and the evidence behind why itโ€™s the most effective revision strategy.
5. 09:18 โ€“ Study #1 โ€“ Spitzer 1939
6. 10:22 โ€“ Study #2 โ€“ Butler 2010
7. 11:16 โ€“ Study #3 โ€“ Karpicke & Blunt 2011
8. 13:41 โ€“ Specific, practical strategies for incorporating Active Recall into your revision / study routine.
9. 14:19 โ€“ Strategy #1 โ€“ Anki flashcards
10. 16:07 โ€“ Strategy #2 โ€“ Closed-book spider diagrams
11. 17:33 โ€“ Strategy #3 โ€“ Questions instead of notes, the Cornell note-taking system
12. 19:18 โ€“ Summary and closing remarks


If youโ€™re actually interested in looking up these studies, the Dunlosky review paper (Link #1 below) is probably the best place to start. The references section there is full of useful links, all of which i cba to include in this video description ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Dunlosky et al 2013 โ€“ [Improving Studentsโ€™ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology. โ€“ PubMed โ€“ NCBI](
2. Karpicke 2016 โ€“ [A powerful way to improve learning and memory](
3. Spitzer 1939 โ€“
4. Butler 2010 โ€“
5. Karpicke & Blunt 2011 โ€“ [Retrieval Practice Produces More Learning than Elaborative Studying with Concept Mapping | Science](
6. Anki โ€“ [Anki โ€“ powerful, intelligent flashcards](
7. Make it Stick โ€“
8. Podcast episode with the author of โ€˜Make it Stickโ€™ โ€“


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