Hollywood Tips: Business Card Barrage

Hollywood Tips for the entertainment industry given by Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach. This applies to an actor, actress, director, writer, editor, cinematographer, camera operator, makeup artist, production designer, producer, etc. Why handing your card out at a networking event without creating a relationship will NOT get you work.

Tip 1: Do not hand your business card to a stranger and walk away.

Tip 2: Do create a relationship with someone before giving them your card

Tip 3: It takes 3 conversations to create a relationship with someone before they remember who you are

Tip 4: People have to know you, like you, and trust you before they will give you work

Tip 5: DO NOT ask for work when you’ve just met

Tip 6: People will know you are looking for work in Hollywood based on the quality of the questions that you ask during your conversation

Take these tips from the top entertainment industry career coach to achieve success in Hollywood.