FREE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS -How To Use Quora , Reddit To Drive Traffic To Your Online Business ?



Hei guys , this is one of the best way to not only generate free traffic to your online store , but it also able to create a higher authority ranking for your website , it is 100% free and best of all it is super effective!

Answering Question Is The Top Way To Generate Traffic To Your Online Store .

There are a couple of platforms that you can leverage on building some good quality traffic to you web site.For example

1)Quora – Quora is a platform to ask questions and connect with people with quality answers.

Quora gets around 100 million monthly visitors.Yeah damn 100 million monthly visitors guys !! If you missed this out you have missed 100 million of chances ,

2)Reddit -Reddit is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted.As of March 2019, Reddit had 234 million unique users monthly .

There are defiantely some differences between quora dn reddit , but I want you to keep things simple . Both are a qna platform where you can ask question and also answer others people”s questions.

Now , lets look at how we can use these 2 platforms to generate traffic to our online business .
So this is quora , feel free to register a free account .
In this example , I will use face wash products as my selling product.
Lets type in face wash over here , and lets see what we will get.So , these are all the questions that people are asking. Well , not all questions we need to answer. We need to be smart to choose only selling questions , which means peple ask a specific questions , because they are looking to buy the product .

Lets click on questions , as we want only questions .

The follow means , how many people are following this question.
The more obviously is better , but we also need to look at is the quesiton able to help us in generating traffic.

What are the best products for face wash and moisturizer for ance prone oily skins ?
This user asked a very specific thing ,face wash and mositurizer for acne prone oily skin . So there is a very high chance that this user will by my products , maybe not now but in the future .

What is he is no longer interested with this products ?
Well others people that interested in this topic , that may also looking for this solution for their skin problem , might also click in here and look for an answer.

So , your answer or your solution is not only for this user that asked the question , but also others people that have this same question as well.

As you can see over here , ther are 40 answer to this questions .
And I am very sure that some of these quesitons will have their backlink , that link to their web site or online store.

This is one here, top 10 face wash for shin lightening and whitening.

The trick to make this works is that , you need to give value to every answer that you put in the forum. You just cant like simple put some general idea and insert your web site link there. Noone is going to read it , and your post might mark as spam by quora .

So , do not be a fool in this. Put your heart to your work.Some good example will be this post over here. It is very lenghty , and it gives very precious information on washing face .

Just look at the view , 6.5k , even a 1% of people buy from your web site , you will be generating some good profit already.

So , how to put a link back to your web store?
Very simple just click on the answer button over here,and start typing your most creative answer to it. When you done ,just click on this button here , and insert your web store url .And you are good to go.

Now lets look at reddit.
Similiar to quora , lets type in face wash on the search box .btw feel free to register your free account on reddit .

Lets for example , lets help this fellow u , what face wash should I be using?
This is not really a high potential sales questions , he might buy he might not.
But , it is good that you can show your expertise here , so that people know that you know your stuff . And when they want to buy some face wash products , they will go to your online store.

All you need to do is ,write on here. When you are done just click on this link button here and insert your online store url over here. And you are done !