Evil Foster Parent Mean To Small Child **REACTING to Dhar Mann ** |Ayden Mekus

Hey guys, it’s Ayden Mekus, (aka one of @Piper Rockelle besties) welcome to my YouTube channel. In today’s YouTube video you’ll see me reacting to myself on Dhar Mann, evil foster parent mean to small child. But what happens and you will see in this video, the foster mom really isn’t a mother at all to this poor little girl. Instead the only reason this mom does foster care is for the money, so she can pay her own bills. All the while the little girl is left without nothing. But watch the video the whole way through to see the surprise ending. This is a real problem that takes place and one that is exposed by this video.. This story is one of the best and most enjoyable videos I have viewed, as it sends out a very positive and inspirational message. Watch it and you will see a very interesting and emotional ending that will leave you speechless.

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