Droidcon SF – Mastering CoordinatorLayout Behaviors

Droidcon SF - Mastering CoordinatorLayout Behaviors 1Droidcon SF - Mastering CoordinatorLayout Behaviors 2

Droidcon SF 2016
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The Android Design Support Library is full of interesting widgets, but none are more powerful than the CoordinatorLayout. Billed as a “super-powered FrameLayout”, it provides a framework for building complex touch interactions and behaviors between related views. It builds on the nested scrolling behavior built into views starting with Android 5.0, and backported in the latest support library releases.

CoordinatorLayout exposes these complex interactions in the form of Behaviors. We will be discussing how CoordinatorLayout uses Behaviors to accomplish its goals. You will also learn what behaviors are available from the support library…and how to create your own.

Dave Smith (@devunwired) is a Google Developer Expert for Android and the Android Lead at NewCircle, where he is focused on developing courseware materials to train beginning and advanced Android developers alike. He has been working with the Android platform at all levels since 2009, developing custom applications and system components to run Android on embedded platforms or interact with external embedded devices. He is the author of the popular developer cookbook “Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach” from Apress, and regularly provides developer tips and sample code through the NewCircle Stream (https://thenewcircle.com/s) and his personal blog (http://www.wiresareobsolete.com).



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