Coaching Tips for Business & Life Coaches

Business Life Coaching Tips for Coaches

For entrepreneurs, the first step in finding a business or life coach who can help you become a more effective, successful leader is staying open to criticism from coaches inside or outside your organization … Many people fear being coached because of their sensitivity to what they would consider negative feedback. The best coaching relationships happen between people who accept advice willingly and those who give it freely, creating the trust that most people require in order to receive coaching constructively.

The best coaches also view coaching as a process, not a project, and consistently offer advice. Lastly, great coaches are willing to coach as much as be coached. They are humble enough to accept advice themselves.

Quality business and life coaching can be critical to a startup, where good people push each other up and move the entire organization forward. By making sure you and your team have effective coaches, you’ll encourage smart risk-taking, which can make the difference between a startup that soars and one that flops.

Any good business or life coach will be happy to send over the names of people they have worked with, and ask around in groups too to see if anyone has worked with them and ask if you can chat with them to get a sense of their experience