Can Mars Declare Independence Peacefully Or Is Struggle Inevitable? [Angry Astronaut Collab]

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0:00 Intro: Within the later section of SpaceX Starship Mars timeline, will Mars colonists or future Martians declare Mars independence from Earth?
1:50 To be able to speculate on the potential independence of future Mars colony from Earth, we check out humanity’s colonization historical past on Earth.
3:39 An prolonged SpaceX Starship Mars mission is similar to humanity’s first crossing of the Atlantic on Earth, therefore we may draw some parallels for the event of Mars colonization and future colonists declaring Mars independence from Earth.
5:15 By 2050, we should always have no less than one self-sustaining Mars colony or SpaceX Mars base.
7:41 Future Martians or individuals born on Mars will really feel indifferent from Earth, thus establishing their very own Martian authorities, probably a direct democracy as envisioned by Elon Musk.
10:02 As cities on Mars develop additional and SpaceX sends Starship missions to the outer photo voltaic system, future people will extra doubtless establish themselves with their residence planets as a substitute of residence international locations.

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