Your Buying Guide to Used Catering Equipment

If you are making a decision, regarding catering equipment, then you probably run a restaurant, or you are starting your own very soon. And well, this is a financial decision and has to be made wisely. Running any business is costly and especially a food business. The kitchen tools and equipment cost you a lot and the investment is real. Thus, budgeting is very important and making the right decisions too.

This is where the thought of getting Second hand Catering Equipment might pop in your head. And well, this is a much trending concept too. Lately, people have been facing a lot of financial troubles due to the pandemic and investing a handful in new tools might be very difficult. Thus, getting used catering equipment is really helpful.

How to buy used catering equipment?

Well, this decision can save you a considerable amount of money. But, you need to make sure that you are buying the right ones. The wrong purchase will turn into the biggest mistake of your life. And you definitely do not want that, do you?

Thus, we have summed up a little guide for you that will help you purchase the right used catering equipment that you wouldn’t regret.

Things to keep in mind before buying second hand catering equipment

You must do due diligence before purchasing any used tools. You never want to make an investment, even if it is small and then regret it later. Thus, examine the equipment before you make a purchase.

Your Buying Guide to Used Catering Equipment 1

Choose a Reputable Dealer

The basic and yet the most important step to getting used catering equipment is to choose a reputable and trustworthy dealer. There are so many options accessible these days that it might leave you super confused about where to buy from. But do your research before picking a dealer. We highly recommend Caterbids as they are one of the most reliable and professional dealers to get second hand catering equipment from. And you wouldn’t regret it either. They have great variety and the quality is impeccable too.

Which equipment can be bought and used?

Now, you might know about this but all tools and equipment are not worth buying. You need to know about the ones you can consider and the ones that you cannot and should not. You can buy the following equipment, when they are second hand or used; ovens, cooking ranges, tableware, gas equipment, small appliances like blenders, pots and other utensils and fryers etc.

However, all the appliances and electronics you purchase must have a test warranty. Or you must be allowed to test them right away. You don’t want to be scammed. Examine the appliances and electronics in detail before you purchase them. Also, if you get a second hand fryer, you must check the oil container for any possible leakages.

What not to buy used?

There are some tools or equipment that are not that good to buy used and you must steer clear of them. You don’t want to invest in second hand items and then buy them again, at full price, after some time. It doubles your costs and will leave you feeling devastated. We recommend you to not buy ice machines or fridges and freezers. However, if you think that you are bagging a good deal and the equipment is perfectly fine; then it is completely your say.

Pros of buying second hand catering equipment

We all know that buying Used Catering Trailer is a financial decision, thus the most common benefit it offers is saving you money. But apart from that, here are some perks that you get along too:

  • You can negotiate the price to get a wonderful bargain.
  • All equipment is not used harshly. Some of the best dealers like Caterbids have almost new tools too.
  • Many equipment come with warranty thus you don’t have much to worry about.


Buying the right second hand catering equipment is all about the proper decision. You must consider all the whereabouts before you make an investment. Examine the equipment thoroughly before making a purchase. It is understandable that you don’t have a huge budget and want to save financially. But buying the right and properly functioning equipment is very crucial. And you must not compromise on it.