Business opportunity uganda

Business opportunity uganda Small machine for you to start your own small business and earn money all by yourself for the custom mobile case / mobile skin / screen protector and 360 full body protection film business. Daqin supply a solution for manufacturing protective film of any mobile phone. The complete package contains software, cutting machine, vinyl sheet, tools and training videos.
The production process is as follows: Firstly, open the software of 3D Daqin mobile beauty master, select the brand and model of mobile phone. Secondly, input the anti-shock protection film and then click cut button in the software. Thirdly, the cutting process start and lasts about 10 seconds. Once cutting completed, take out the film and then apply on the mobile phone.
This custom mobile phone protection film business idea is the best one in 2019 / 2020. You can start this small business at home, or in your current store.

Start your own mall business with Daqin small machine easily.
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