Business development tips on how to build your personal brand online

Top business advice from Penny Power, Founder of business social network Ecademy, as she talks about the proven methods that will help you to build your personal brand online. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at

Penny Power: Be very careful you’re building your brand in a social network that you dont create the wrong impression about yourself. Some people can make a mistake about being a bit too fun by being a bit too jokey on blogs all the time. They can end up having a lot of visibility but nobody really respects them, they just think they’re a good bloke and you know these sort of people, the people that you would see in a pub that you sort of think they’re always down here, they’re always popping up at the pub when do they ever earn any money. Be careful that you find the balance that you’re not just seen as being someone whos got too much time on their hands and they’re just there to have a joke and a laugh because whilst you may have a lot of visibility your credibility will be 0.

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