Blogging is going to die because of Snippets and Zero Click Searches?

In this video we have touched upon what are Zero click searches.
What have RAND Fiskins version on this.
What is Neil Patels version
What is Googles version on this and
What is my Stake on this

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Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
00:40 Who is Rand Fishkin
01:03 What is Zero Click Searches
02:12 Neil Patelโ€™s stake on Zero Click Searches
02:48 Googles Statement on Zero Click Searches
06:12 Future impact of Zero Click Searches
07:52 Impact of ZCS on the blogs that i have reviewed
08:18 Meaning of Blogging
08:58 My view on Blogging is dead
10:14 Adaptability
11:13 All Weather proof system
12:03 Build your Brand
13:18 Know your customer
14:34 New Changes
15:13 Problem of dependency
16:24 Outro

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