Android Studio Tutorial – Complete WhatsApp Chatting App – Chatting app

In this tutorial, we’ll Create Professional Android App from Basic to Advance Level in Easy Steps. We will explain each feature of WhatsApp in Detail.
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Topics with Time are Given Below:
Time Topics
00:00:00 Intro
00:07:34 important announcement
00:08:37 WhatsApp On the Way
00:11:34 Create Project for WhatsApp
0012:34 Sign Up Activity layout Designing
00:17:34 Download All Images, icons, Drawables for this project
00:36:15 Sign In Activity Layout Designing
40:00:00 ViewBinding in Android
00:41:27 Connect Android Studio with firebase
00:43:28 Firebase sign Up with email and password in Android
00:54:33 Users Model
01:00:01 Save User Data in firebase
01:06:26 OutPut of Email and password using Firebase Auth
01:12:13 SignIn Backend using Firebase
01:19:48 Logout in WhatsApp
01:25:43 Google Auth using Firebase
01:37:05 Get Value from Google and Store in Firebase
01:43:30 ViewPager in Main Activity
01:56:21 Show Users List same like WhatsApp
01:57:09 Show User Layout Design
02:01:44 User Adapter
02:09:50 User RecyclerView Code in Fragment
02:20:10 Chatting in WhatsApp
02:21:02 Layout Design of Chat Detail Activity
02:40:10 Send User Data to Chat Detail Activity
02:43:51 Receive User Data in Chat Detail Activity
02:20:15 Increase Firebase Project time (Firebase Latest Updates)
02:52:03 Chat Detail Activity RecyclerView
02:57:14 Chat bubbles in Android
03:00:48 Receiver Message Layout Designing
03:09:57 Sender Message Layout Designing
03:17:20 Message Model
03:20:29 Chat Adapter
03:39:10 backend of Chat Detail Activity
03:43:01 Send Message to other user and save message in Database
03:58:20 Show Messages in Chat RecyclerView
04:13:05 Group Chatting
04:23:48 Group Chat BackEnd
04:29:55 Send Message in Group chat (BackEnd Code)
04:34:57 Show Messages on Group Chat RecyclerView
04:38:26 Group Chatting Output
04:43:45 Show Last message on User’s List
04:53:03 Settings Activity in WhatsApp
04:58:13 Settings Activity Layout Designing
04:51:23 Settings Activity Layout Output
05:23:04 Settings Activity BackEnd
05:24:38 Upload Image on firebase (Profile Pic) Firebase Storage
05:48:07 Update Image in Users RecyclerView
05:48:07 Update Values in Firebase
05:59:51 Output of Updated Values in Firebase
06:04:31 Delete Login User from Users List
06:14:54 Show Error on the tip of the Edit Text Android
06:17:14 How build APK file in android studio?

Circular Image View
Android Drawable Chat Bubbles: Dependency:
Free Icons:
Colors used in this app is given Below:
Colors HTML Code
color name=”colorPrimary” 0b6156
color name=”colorPrimaryDark” 095049
color name=”colorAccent” 03DAC5
color name=”lightGrey” EDEDED
color name=”whatsAppColor” 0b6156
color name=”red” 9F0B0B
color name=”status_background” 009688
color name=”chat_background” 8BC34A
color name=”fb_color” 3c5793
color name=”lightgreen” e5ffcc
color name=”settingsIconColor” 0E8374
color name=”grayBackground” BCBCBC
color name=”chatbackground” AAAAAA
Use hashtag before using Html Color Codes.

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