5 Mid Century Furniture Ideas

What is Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern decor is classified as a mixture of the design ideas introduced in the 1950s by Frank Lloyd Wright with the organic curves and geometric shapes of the Bauhaus movement.

Other characteristics of Mid-Century Modern decor include:

● Clean lines

● Muted colors

● Contrasting textures

● Geometric and asymmetrical shapes

● Organic curves

● Bringing outdoors inside

● Uncluttered and knick-knack free

Five ways to decorate your mid-century home

Home Office

With more people working from home, the home office has become an essential part of the modern house. Gone are the days of using your laptop on the kitchen island and sitting on a barstool. Instead, the Mid-Century home office has comfort, class, and clean lines.

Types of furniture for your home office

Office Desk

Solid wood is a cornerstone of modern furniture, so you should look for a wooden desk with tapered legs and clean lines. You can peruse some antique furniture stores and flea markets or look at manufacturers specializing in Mid-Century furniture.

Office chair

The modern office chair should be comfortable and functional, either in a muted color or boldly-shaped fabric in bright colors. Either way, it is essential that it is ergonomic and at the right height for you to work comfortably.


Dining table

Imagine your family and friends sitting at your long mahogany dining table and admiring the sleek and elegant lines of the furniture as you sit down to a sumptuous meal. The dining table should be one of the pieces in your home that attracts the eye and feels warm and inviting.

Dining chairs

Chairs can be a fun purchase when decorating your modern dining room. Fabrics are essential in creating an elegant look for your dining experience. Soft fabrics in bold colors can accentuate the beauty of the wood. Don’t forget that the grains on the table and chairs must match to keep the flow of the room.


The Mid-Century Modern living room layout enhances human interaction and natural light. There is a flow to the room that welcomes conversation and social engagement. The living room is often an open concept space that continues into the dining room. This allows for the interaction to continue in different areas. Televisions can be part of the living room decor but not the focal point and should be hidden or off to the side.

Types of furniture for your living space


The modern sofa should have a natural wooden frame, clean lines, and tapered legs and be of a neutral or muted color fabric. Have some fun with color by throwing in some triangular and circular pillows in splashes of bright colors that match the rug. There are a lot of places where you can look for affordable mid-century modern furniture.


Mid-century armchairs should match the wood grain of the furniture in the living room and have tapered legs. Throw pillows or blankets in the same bright colors as the sofa should be used to bring the room together.

Coffee table

The coffee table in a modern living room should simultaneously be a work of art and a functional piece of furniture. You can look at so many unique designs for the base of the coffee table that will catch the eye and give the room class and sophistication.


Rugs can bring a whole room together with bold colors and geometric shapes. The material is essential if you want a comfortable floor covering you can sit on or play with small children. It is essential to decide how many rugs you want if you want a small rug that sits just under the coffee table or a large area rug that covers the entire room.


The idea behind Mid-Century Modern design is functionality and clean elegance with little to no clutter or frills and bows to confuse the eye. Storage pieces are essential to keep the airy flow going in any room, but without looking like it is storage. Shopping at antique stores and flea markets is the best way to find these unique-looking storage pieces that fit in with the modern sensibility and keeps your stuff off the floor.

Mid-Century Modern furniture can turn your tired-looking interior into a masterpiece of elegance and class. So, think modern and clean when you want a refresh for your living space.

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