What is right treatment for an Alcoholic and where to approach?

The primary goal of treatment is to enable a patient who has to or wants to end an addiction to undergo a safe and humane withdrawal period that may be hazardous to health and life.

The main task of the facility is to create and implement therapeutic programs tailored to the needs of addicts. The main method of treatment at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune is addiction psychotherapy. The therapeutic program is mostly based on the behavioral-cognitive approach.

It is a complex of treatment and rehabilitation measures, which are carried out in a hospital setting. Practice shows that with this method, alcohol dependence is the most effective, and people return to a sober life and stop drinking forever.

Are you tired of constant scandals and drunkenness? Are you afraid for the health of your loved one? Are you worried about the future of your family and children? We realize how hard it is for you now. 99% of families with alcoholics go through this horror. But you can still fix it if you start alcohol rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Best treatment for alcoholics in Pune

It is a process that involves a long and persistent struggle with alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, people don’t realize right away that this is the only way to recover from alcoholism.

When a person realizes that someone close to him has a problem, he usually starts looking for a “magic” pill, a universal remedy, after which the alcoholic will hate alcohol for life. This approach is wrong but seduced people only begin to realize it when they have tried all possible pills, and conspiracies from their own experience. None of these methods will enable a complete recovery from alcoholism. To date, there is no cure for this disease, but it can be addressed with the help of long-term and qualified help in a hospital setting.

Advantages of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune:

  • Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune is the only solution where the rehabilitation of 100% of patients with alcoholism can be done who has approached them. This is often a serious problem when relatives are unable to transmit information about the presence of the disease to a loved one who has fallen into an alcohol addiction network.
  • Availability of state certification. The centre has successfully passed the inspection of state bodies, and today they cooperate on various programs of social rehabilitation of alcoholics, including the employment of rehabilitators after recovery;
  • Full transparency of the rehabilitation program. They do not hide anything and the door is always open for them. You can visit the centre before making a decision on hospitalization, as well as visit a loved one directly during your stay in the hospital;
  • Lifelinerehab for alcohol addicts. It is very important for many families to keep the presence of the disease a secret and to meet them. Medical confidentiality and privacy policy are paramount in their business;
  • Guaranteed result. In the case of a full course, they exclude the possibility of returning to the use of alcoholic beverages.