The Ultimate Guide to Using Car Decals to Promote Local Restaurants 

The recent rise in the number of vehicles on the road featuring attractive decals and stickers is no coincidence. Businesses of all sizes know that auto decal marketing is highly effective. In the post-pandemic world, car decal marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for budget-conscious businesses.

By using well-designed decals on cars, trucks, scooters, vans, etc., small-scale businesses generate brand awareness in local crowds. Car decals are frequently used to promote political causes, charitable causes, sports teams, etc. Now, restaurants can also use auto decals for their marketing and promotional campaigns. Here’s the complete guide –

Promote Your Restaurant in Specific Crowds

The best sellers of decals offer multiple customization options. They can create personalized decals for trucks, snowmobiles, cars, trailers, etc. Plus, these companies offer high-resolution color printing. Restaurants can show off their brands in great style in specific locations.

Want to market to a crowd of office goers? Install colorful decals on your vehicles and drive them near your city’s office sector! Want to advertise your restaurant to senior citizens? Drive trucks covered with colorful decals near parks, senior homes, or recreation centers!

Use Simple Messages

The best display stickers are the ones that are easy to read. Thankfully, restaurant owners don’t need to use complex marketing messages to describe or promote their brands. Simple messages like “dine now for discounts” have great impacts on target audiences. Your auto decal should –

  • Feature design elements that grab the attention of the masses quickly. For example, a cool graphic of your restaurant’s top dish will attract the eyes of many.
  • Feature marketing messages that are simple enough to read understand and register within seconds.
  • Have “hooks” or “calls to action” that people remember.

Include simple messages and these basic design elements to create appealing auto decals for your restaurant. Avoid using frilly fonts or complex color combos. Keep the messages on your auto decals small and precise.

Include all Restaurant-Related Details

There are many features of auto decals that make them marketing-friendly. The two of the most vital features of these decals are –

  • They are small and easy to install
  • PVC decals are highly weather-resistant and durable

Auto decals are small and long-lasting. Hence, you don’t have too much space to over-share details about your restaurant. Plus, you will want to use your decals for at least a couple of years. That means restaurant owners have only one opportunity to get the designs of their auto decals right.

Use the little space on your decal to include all relevant information about the restaurant. Include details like – restaurant location, the types of food you specialize in, and special offers or discounts. If your auto decal is too small and you’re running out of space, use scannable QR codes.

Ask your auto decal seller to print scannable QR codes on your decals. Target customers can easily scan these codes with their phones and find all the information they need about the restaurant.

The average citizen drives 12,000+ miles each year. If you can customize and create high-quality auto decals, your restaurant can receive amazing exposure!