Test Tube Baby Cost in India and Different Cities in India also Factors that Affect the Cost

Test Tube baby cost– In these times when the technology has advanced and new inventions and discoveries are being made in every field, a lot of things that were considered to be impossible are now possible. Including the huge growth in medicine filed. Resulted in new assisted reproductive techniques like invitro fertilization

The baby or embryo are formed as a result of IVF is called a test tube baby. The test tube baby cost differs according to cities and professionals all over
the world. The average IVF cost in Jaipur for one cycle is close to 1,50,000 INR.
If you are having trouble conceiving a child and wish to opt an assisted reproductive technique, there are a lot of things which should be kept in mind.

They will be discuss in this article. In addition, any confusion related to how much a specimen baby costs will also be erase. . So, keep reading to find out the test tube baby cost in India and the procedure involved therein.

What is Test Tube Baby?

A test tube baby is a baby or embryo formed as a result of an IVF process. In the process of IVF, fertilisation takes place outside the body by taking semen sample and egg retrieved from the female body. The term TEST TUBE BABY often causes confusion in the minds of couples.

Many people tend to think that the process of test tube baby involves some other assisted reproductive technique apart from IVF. Although, the test tube baby cost usually lies around 1,00,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR in India.

test tube baby cost

Process of forming a test tube baby

The process of forming a test tube baby is complex and invasive. This process is perform with utmost care and has a high success rate. Although, It is a long process and involves the use of several medicines. The IVF procedure consists in taking a mature egg from the female body and fertilizing it with sperm.

Although, this is the simple way of making, several embryos. Test tube baby minimum cost in India varies according to the professional you choose and your age. The average test tube baby cost is nearly 1 lakh INR to 2 lakh INR. Here are the 4 simple steps of forming test tube baby.

  1. Stimulation of Ovary: The female body produces one ovum per month in normal conditions. Also, there must need of on egg to make the IVF process successful Doctors track the menstrual cycle and give medicines that stimulate the ovary. The ovary produces several eggs as an effect of these medicines. This ensures the higher efficiency of the process in a shorter time.
  2. Egg retrieval and sperm collection: The next step in forming a test-tube baby is the removal of mature eggs from the female body. However, the mature eggs are retrieved at the correct time as the menstrual cycle is tracked. Also, Under anaesthesia, the eggs will removed through the vaginal canal using a long thin instrument.
  3. These eggs are now ready for fertilization. The male partner gives sperm sample by masturbation or surgery (in case of zero sperm count)
  4. Embryo formation: An essential step of forming a test tube baby in embryo formation. The eggs will collected from the female body are fertilize with sperm. But, For the formation of serving embryos, this process takes place in a petri dish. Doctors examine these embryos and grade them according to quality.
  5. Testing for result: After some days, the embryo gets place in the uterus. As the high success rate of IVF treatment one can hope of pregnancy at first attempt.
    The test tube baby cost in Jaipur lies between 1,00,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR for one cycle.

Final Say

We know that test-tube babies are a common thing in India and all over the world now. The people who find it challenging to conceive go for this process. It is an invasive process and practice as well.

Although, if you choose the right and experienced doctor for this process it will surely help you. The test tube baby cost varies all over India depending on age and professional chosen. You should be ready to bear the high cost and side effects that come along. read everything properly and get to known everything about test baby cost and its treatment process.