Mistakes to be Aware of When Designing Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchens are an essential part of every household. The kitchen is the focal point of your house, and you’ll be spending lots of time there whether you cook or simply spend time with your loved ones and family. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate design for your contemporary kitchen that is both practical and stylish while looking stylish.

The design of kitchens has changed over the years, with various trends emerging and then disappearing. The trends are based on what’s attractive on paper but may seem like an unintentional trick rather than something practical or beneficial.

There is no secret it is a bustling area in any home. The reality is that the majority of our everyday activities are cooking or even drinking and cleaning. Therefore, the kitchen should function as a valuable part of your home. In addition, it must be attractive and stylish. No matter what design and design, the layout of your kitchen is essential. There are some mistakes to avoid when designing your kitchen. By avoiding these mistakes, you can have stylish and trendy kitchens.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Modern Kitchen Signature Cabinets

Mistake No 1: Improper kitchen triangle:

Designers of kitchens employ the sink, stove, and refrigerator to form the triangular shape of kitchens. Because it’s the main point of the activity, forming the kitchen triangle demands a thoughtful design and peaceful accessibility. The sink is typically the most frequently used among the three, but your triangle should have access to the stove and refrigerator, and counter workstations in the kitchen.

The sink must be near the pipes. Kitchens usually have sinks that are in difficult spots due to the placement of pipework. If this occurs with your kitchen, you will most likely employ a plumber to relocate the plumbing to guarantee that the sink is in the ideal position.

Mistake No 2: Most significant counter space:

Space for storage is one of the most critical issues in designing kitchens. With all kitchen tasks that require countertops and appliances that are left, you’ll need the maximum amount of horizontal space possible in the home kitchen. Adding a breakfast bar or an island in the kitchen in an L shape is a great way to achieve this.

Error 3: No lights:

The kitchen is an area in which lacking adequate lighting isn’t thought to be acceptable. It’s not only a matter of style or design. Lighting for your kitchen is essential to protect yourself, mainly when you use sharp knives and other kitchen equipment. Additionally, the more light available inside your kitchen area, the more it can display your design components.

The kitchen generally requires three different types of lighting, for example.

  1. General lighting
  2. Task lights
  3. Accent lights

For every kitchen, it is essential first to choose the requirements of the kitchen. Before you do that, you have to consider the requirements of the space that you wor. Find the place that requires the highest amount of light. You can also provide lighting to the areas where you work. This can help increase security.

Mistake No 4: Poor Ventilation:

No matter how distinctive your kitchen is, the food you prepare stinks. This will impact the overall design of your kitchen. If you’ve ever been in the kitchen, whether you were there or someone else smells, that will cause an issue for all kitchens. Now, you have an idea of how crucial ventilation is. Insufficient ventilation is one of the most significant issues. If you have cheap cooker hoods, they can move only dirty air.

However, proper ventilation systems will improve the quality of air. Furthermore, it helps keep the kitchen clean and improves the life span. A well-designed ventilation system is an excellent expense. A good ventilation system will probably enhance the quality of your living space. Additionally, fabuwood kitchen cabinets that are well-ventilated look attractive.

Mistake No 5:  Going Too Trendy:

Although it’s not a huge mistake, it’s still a mistake. Being trendy is likely the fashion of at the moment. But, in reality, the latest kitchen styles are also created with top-of-the-line appliances. But, the needs of one kitchen might not be the same as the requirements of other kitchens. Furthermore, many styles and colors used in fashionable cabinets are limited in duration. So, be sure to select timeless designs.

Furthermore, they do not offer a high return on investments in the majority of cases. Therefore, they usually do not have value to sell. Instead, choose kitchen appliances or cabinets that are designed to endure for an extended period.


In any kitchen style, fabuwood cabinets are amazing. Due to the low prices, you will be able to spend lots of time and effort. Additionally, you should hire a skilled designer to ensure your kitchen’s most efficient design and layout. With the above suggestions, it is possible to make your kitchen the perfect space without any mistakes. So take advantage of our expert tips about the best way to create your ideal modern kitchen.