Do Pillow Boxes Offer More Harm or Benefits?

Every brand always wants to showcase its products in the best way possible. There are many different ways how you can put your product in the spotlight. Now, there is an easy and fun way how you can use a simple box to really grab attention and have a great outlook for your items. That is by using custom pillow boxes. These boxes have been in the trend for quite a while now and they have been successfully gaining more recognition and love from the people.

All these positive things are happening for one major reason which is its shape. The shape is what attracted the majority of the people. It is a dome that has two flaps on either side which helps in closing the box. Furthermore, the whole box’s look is very smooth and even. This also makes the box look attractive and fancy.

Multiple uses of one box 

As these boxes usually come in smaller sizes compared to normal boxes, they can be used for packaging for many different items. These boxes are mostly used for jewelry, cosmetic items, chocolate goodies, shirts, and fashion statement pieces. They have gained so much love from the people that now, even restaurants are using them for packaging their food. You will see various fast food restaurants using these boxes for drive-through orders and also for orders on the go.

Many people use pillow boxes for packaging gifts as well. As these boxes are easy to make, they are being used as gift boxes too. It is one of the best ways to give out gifts to anyone because of its stylish look. Printing and decorating them is easy which makes them even more special. Usually, people like to give their loved ones decorated boxes hence, this is the most suitable option for them.

Do Pillow Boxes Offer More Harm or Benefits? 1

Are these boxes really worth it?

Many people adore these boxes but, everything has a negative side too. These boxes create a sense of lavishness but, they come with some defaults too. As these boxes have tabs to open and close the box, they cannot be 100% reliable. The tabs can open any time and they can become loose or rip which will ultimately will ruin the box. It will also increase the possibilities of damage that might occur to the product. It may fall from one of its ends and you might not get to know. Pillow boxes are not that durable. This means that if any heavy thing is kept on top of it then it will cause the box to ruin its shape and it will get destroyed. Hence, it is not ideal for packaging or shipping.

As its main attractiveness is its shape and if there is any damage to it, then there is no use of that box. You may be able to fix the shape of the box but, there will surely be dents and lines that you will not be able to get rid of. This will ruin the beauty of the box. Another major disadvantage of these boxes is that they come in little sizes hence, adding big products is a problem. On the other hand, adding unique designs and creative fonts will really attract more customers. Some buyers might not care about the quality but care about the outlook. Hence, if your box has a good print on it, you will attract more customers who give more value to designs. On the other hand, people who care more about the quality will be dissatisfied.

The top two competitive materials for these boxes

Before getting started on any projects, the first thing that companies do is decide the material of the box. It is important to focus on the material because no matter how pretty your box is, the material is what will protect the product. The main aim of The Box Printers providing a box to a product is for its safety. Hence, if it does not carry out its duty then it is a waste to design a box in the first place. The topmost used material for pillow boxes is Kraft and cardboard. The usage of cardboard is relatively more for other boxes but, for these boxes, Kraft is the best.

It is because Kraft is a flexible material and it can be folded and carved out into any shape. This cannot happen for cardboards because of their strong characteristics. Kraft is also better than cardboard because it is comparatively lighter. This makes carrying pillow boxes easier as well. Kraft will not be ideal for the shipping of these boxes because they are not strong and durable. Cardboard is known for its stability and holding its shape. Hence, it is up to you to decide which materials you want for your custom pillow boxes.