9 Ways to Keep White Granite Clean And to Look Brand New

Granite is one of the old bright stones on the planet. Included solid minerals like quartz and feldspar, it’s valued for its solidarity, sturdiness, and utilization. White granite’s adaptable nature obliges many plan styles from trivial to extravagant and more classic interior. Indeed, you’d be unable to find a manner it doesn’t supplement. Further, of its valuable qualities, many clients at first think white counters are the best decision. 

White has a leaning towards appearing soil. Honestly, cleaning granite isn’t that entirely different from cleaning other stone counters. If you take on a solid cleaning propensity, it turns out to be natural. 

When you realize how to clean white granite, keeping your counters looking fresh out of the plastic new is not difficult. We’ve assembled essential tips on the best way to clean white granite counters to guarantee your remaining parts as before from the day it’s installed. 

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  1. Regular cleaning
  2. Blot up spills before wiping 
  3. Be gentle 
  4. Use the chopping board 
  5. Stay away from harsh chemicals 
  6. Keep liquid away
  7. Use hot pads and trivets 
  8. Reseal Regularly
  9. Make a cleaning schedule 

Regular cleaning

While solid, granite isn’t vital. Standard cleaning with a gentle cleanser, weakened with warm water, guarantees the stone jam its end. Make sure to wipe your counter dry ensuing to cleaning to keep fluid from saturating its pores. Whenever left unattended, even water can leave awful engraving marks. So, which is the reason you shouldn’t pass on it to air dry. It unites cleaning endlessly slick pieces that can deliver tiny imprints. 

Blot up spills before wiping 

The vast majority wipe up spills by clearing their drying-up cloth across the length of their counters. Be that as it may, you should smear up the falls first. Cleaning your fabric across the counter just spreads the fluid over a more extensive region. So, expanding the odds of saturating a more significant surface region. Smearing takes out the liquid from spreading and the advance of engraving marks. 

Be gentle 

All in all, what’s the mystery of the most proficient method to clean white kitchen pieces? Granite has a leaning to scratch whenever cleaned. Also, worn with coarse materials, similar to pot scourers. Maybe utilize delicate wipes and microfiber fabrics to keep away from the surface scraped area. In a perfect world, there ought to steadily be a wary layer between the counters. Also, the items laying on it, just as the utensils or utensils you’re working with. 

Use the chopping board 

Make an effort not to leave food simply on your white granite counter as it will scratch. Incessantly utilize wooden or plastic cleaving loads up to forestall nasty harm. Lately, there’s been an ascent in the use of stone batter moving sheets because of web-based media. While lovely to see, they also can scratch counters whenever rejected across the surface, so maneuver carefully. 

Stay away from harsh chemicals 

Do-It-Yourself vinegar and locally acquired cleaners with blanch, lemon. And alkali harms the uprightness of granite stone and leaves carve marks, dulling its surface. Luckily, figuring out how to clean white granite is simple. So, utilize a delicate fluid cleanser blended in with water for everyday cleaning. You can likewise purchase special granite countertops cleaners. Also, use them for more careful cleaning weekly or monthly.

Keep liquid away

Several mild fluids like creams, salves, nail clean remover, and scents contain synthetics. So that, spilled, destroys the sealant. This includes new produce with citrus, slick, or vinegar mixes. In all actuality, it’s not completely possible to get new produce far from the counters. So, in case covering the surface you’re chipping away at or utilizing cleaving loads up is the following best plan. 

Use hot pads and trivets. 

As a molten stone, granite can deal with heat. Brief meets with a hot pot will not do a lot of harm. Be that as it may, rehashed contact with hotness will debilitate sealants. So, which can make the stone break from warm shock. When cooking, steadily place hot pots and containers on trivets and hot cushions. Trivets produced using wood, silicon, or plug will, in general, work best because their warm conductivity is lower. 

Reseal Regularly

Like every natural stone, granite should be resealed now. Also, then to shield it from staining and to hold its sparkle.  Particularly on the off chance that you have cleaned counters. Granite countertops are fixed upon formation. Also, every 1-5 years, contingent upon their shading, porosity, nature of sealer, and application. 

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Make a cleaning schedule 

Carrying out a daily timetable for cleaning white granite counters goes far in saving the stone’s quality and strength. 

Daily: Clean counters with high temp water and gentle cleanser at whatever point you’re done utilizing them. 

Weekly: Remove protests that for all time lay on your counter, similar to warms, for instance. Also, clean with a particular granite cleaner. 

Monthly: Polish your counter with a particular granite cleaner to keep up with the stone’s honesty. Use cleaning powder if necessary. 

Yearly: Granite shouldn’t be fixed each year. Be that as it may, this is subject to its completion and return of utilization. Timetable fixing upkeep when required. 


Cleaning white granite counters doesn’t need to be an unpleasant core. When dealt with, white granite counters can endure forever and increment your property’s resale esteem. But for the brand-new everyday look, you should clean it daily and deep clean it weekly and monthly.  Use good cleaners or make cleaner on your own. Follow the proper guideline, and you will have a new look at your countertop.